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John Martin 15 Mar 2024 ◦ 8 min read

Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2024

Ways to Earn Free Crypto in 2024

Cryptocurrencies have seen tremendous growth and adoption over the past decade, with Bitcoin standing out as a leading player in this digital revolution. However, amidst the challenges of price volatility and media speculation, some individuals may hesitate to invest in these digital assets. Fortunately, there exists a wealth of opportunities to obtain cryptocurrencies without risking personal funds. In this article, we delve into the intriguing methods available for acquiring digital assets for free. 

Participation in Airdrops

An airdrop is the distribution of free tokens that promote a certain blockchain project. 

Airdrops provide short-lived but guaranteed user interest, which is important against the background of competition with thousands of cryptocurrencies. Many projects with low budgets distribute cryptocurrencies. Users could collect promising free tokens from their wallets without investment.

To receive cryptocurrency, one usually needs to complete several tasks: 

  • register on the platform;
  • connect a wallet;
  • subscribe to the project's social networks;
  • perform certain actions on the site. 

It is important to follow instructions precisely to avoid missing rewards.

Income from airdrops can either be close to zero or reach decent amounts of money; this depends on the price increase of the free tokens received. 

To keep track of airdrops, utilizing platforms like Airdrops.io or similar sites is recommended. These platforms provide detailed information about each project, including the rules and requirements for participating in the token distribution.

Be careful: Occasionally, there are scammers who either do not pay up or even try to steal cryptocurrencies from wallets. While scam projects usually get exposed by analytical sites, it's still important to stay alert and be on the lookout for potential fraudulent activities.

Earning Money on Cryptocurrency Faucets

A cryptocurrency faucet is a website or application that rewards users with small amounts of cryptocurrencies for completing certain tasks or activities. These tasks often include solving captchas, watching ads, completing surveys, or playing games.

Faucets are particularly beneficial for newcomers to the cryptocurrency space as they provide an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the technology and receive tokens without the need to invest money.

There are taps for both bitcoin and altcoins. The very first cryptocurrency faucet was called The Bitcoin Faucet, and gave out 5 BTC each – now, for obvious reasons, the rewards have been reduced thousands of times: they typically dispense tiny fractions of Bitcoin called Satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) to users in exchange for completing tasks.

Another example is the Ethereum Faucet, which allows users to earn small amounts of Ether by completing tasks. Ethereum faucets serve as a means to introduce users to the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contract capabilities.

These faucets not only help distribute cryptocurrencies to a wider audience but also serve as a marketing tool for blockchain projects looking to promote their tokens.

Bounty Programs

A bounty program is a reward system offered by blockchain projects or companies to incentivize specific actions or contributions that help promote, develop, or improve their projects.

Participants, known as bounty hunters, can earn rewards for their contributions based on the tasks they complete and the quality of their work.

Types of bounty programs in the cryptocurrency industry include:

  1. Marketing bounties: Participants promote the project through social media, content creation, and influencer marketing.
  2. Bug bounties: Participants identify and report security vulnerabilities or bugs in the project's codebase.
  3. Signature bounties: Participants display project-related signatures on forums or social media profiles to increase brand awareness.
  4. Translation bounties: Participants translate project content into different languages to expand the project's reach.
  5. Development bounties: Participants contribute code, build dApps, or develop smart contracts for the project.

Bounty events are usually more complicated than airdrop events; however, they are generally similar.

Most Bounty programs are published on the oldest cryptocurrency forum, Bitcoin Talk. Often, it contains offers to promote the memory tokens.

Sometimes, there are more serious offers from new blockchains with budgets of $10,000 and above. It is more difficult to obtain cryptocurrency in them — the requirements for accounts are higher, and the amount of work done is greater. However, the reward is very good and the price of the token can grow significantly after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Before participating in bounty programs, thoroughly review the terms and follow them completely, as developers retain the authority to disqualify individuals for violating the rules. Payment timelines may vary from several days to several months, so you will need to be patient.

Content Creation

It is difficult to find a person who does not communicate daily on social networks or at least reads the news feed there. For likes and subscriptions, active users spend considerable time and effort creating content, hoping to monetize their accounts through advertising. Some blockchain platforms have simplified this process and offered users the opportunity to earn income immediately after posting texts, photos, and videos; income is accrued depending on views and reposts.

The most famous social platform of this type is Steemit, in which users earn hundreds of dollars per month.

Cryptocurrencies can also be received to view and evaluate content from other users. Roughly speaking, the more you use the Steemen platform, the more money you earn. Payments are made in cryptocurrency, and in addition to its own STEEM token with weak price dynamics, the popular Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency with good growth prospects is supported. Promotions with additional rewards for participation were held regularly to increase the platform’s popularity.

The main problem in obtaining cryptocurrency for content is the low popularity of social platforms on the blockchain. They are mainly interested in English—speaking fans and enthusiasts, and the content is published mainly in cryptocurrencies, unlike Facebook and Twitter, where authors can be found on any topic or language.


Acquiring cryptocurrency at no cost through methods like airdrops, faucets, bounty programs, and content creation presents an intriguing opportunity to familiarize yourself with digital assets without the need to invest your own funds. 

While trying to get free crypto this way, we will recommend you:

  • Explore and choose the appropriate method: Before participating in Airdrop, cranes, Bounty programs, or content creation, it is important to study each method, its conditions, and potential risks.
  • Precisely execute instructions: To successfully receive cryptocurrency for free, one must carefully follow the instructions of each method and complete tasks accurately and promptly.
  • Remember safety and vigilance: When choosing projects to participate in airdrop or Bounty programs, one should be careful and avoid potentially fraudulent schemes.
  • Be patient: Generating significant income from these methods can take time and effort; therefore, it is important to be patient and consistent.

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