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SimpleSwap has made the process of cryptocurrency exchange simple, safe, and convenient. Customers and partners trust this platform, there are a lot of good reviews and a high rating on Trustpilot.

InstaSwap is a cross-chain, non-custodial instant exchange platform created for the simple exchange of any cryptocurrency.

Exolix is a non-custodial crypto exchange that doesn’t require registration and has no exchange limit. It provides both fixed and floating exchange options. Its mission is to make the exchange process fast and easy. It was launched in 2018 in Hong Kong and is currently located in Estonia. At the moment of writing, it supports over 500 coins.

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. Binance seeks to improve the blockchain community, with its current focus on making markets more liquid and secure, paving the way for institutional adoption of cryptocurrency.

Mercuryo is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency infrastructure company providing global access to fast and cheap money transfers with bank-level oversight. Here, it provides a secure and customizable payment solution that enables its users to seamlessly swap fiat to crypto, among other great features.

Swapuz is a crypto exchange established in 2020. It provides the fastest crypto swaps with no KYC and flexible low fees.

Quickex is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange service launched in 2018 and supporting 38+ coins. Its mission is to give its users an opportunity to quickly swap between currencies in a secure, simple, and effective way.

Flyp.me is an instant crypto swap service providing a secure way to swap 50+ cryptocurrencies straight from your wallet.

CoinCraddle is a crypto exchange established in 2020. Its amazing rates help it realize its mission, which is to enable millions of users around the world to exchange their crypto assets freely, anonymously, and, most importantly, in a safe way.

StealthEX is fast and easy to use. It has the widest range of coins and tokens available when it comes to non-DeFi providers — 1300 — all without having to sacrifice security and self-custody.

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange service that’s been operating since 2015 and offers access to 150+ cryptocurrencies. Changelly’s mission is to make the exchange process effortless for everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency.

fox.exchange is an anonymous, secure, non-custodial instant crypto-to-crypto exchange with one of the best rates on the market.

Switchain is a crypto exchange infrastructure solution for crypto businesses across the globe. It seeks out the best rates to provide users with an easy, cheap and convenient way to exchange their assets.

n.exchange is a non-custodial instant crypto exchange, meaning no user funds are held on the platform. In operation since 2016, the service allows users to have fast transactions and enjoy high limits.

Alfacash is a 9-year-old trusted cryptocurrency exchange which has seen and survived wild things happening inside the crypto-world. It's fast, safe and private.

KuCoin is a well-known crypto exchange. Much of KuCoin’s popularity stems from its focus on the user: it’s the “people’s exchange”, helping to drive crypto adoption by providing a fast, easy way for the ordinary users — not just the rich or tech-savvy — to buy or trade crypto.

SideShift is a crypto exchange established in 2019. It’s fast and anonymous — no sign-up required! Shift between BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, XAI, and 50+ other cryptocurrencies.

SWFT is a simple, safe, and secure cross-chain crypto exchange that enables users to swap cryptocurrencies quickly, securely, and at low cost.

Simplex allows its users to seamlessly purchase crypto assets using their local currency. No need to go through the hassle of finding a trustworthy seller or dealing with complex trading interfaces.

Godex is a convenient and effective crypto exchange platform. It became operational at the end of 2017 and since then has earned a reputation for its reliability.

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial exchange service mindful of your privacy. Launched in 2017, it now supports over 900 currencies. ChangeNOW offers only the best rates by comparing those offered by the largest exchanges and picking the most favorable one

FixedFloat is an instant cryptocurrency exchanger created in 2018. It offers a fast way to exchange cryptocurrency due to full automation without KYC and registration.

ChangeHero is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service with a customer-first policy. As a non-custodial service, it doesn’t hold your funds. Crypto swaps on ChangeHero are as easy as pie as there are no registrations and logins.

LetsExchange is an instant multi-currency exchange service free of registration, limits, and complications, supporting more than 2300 coins. With hassle-free access and fast automated transactions, LetsExchange saves your time at each step of the exchange process to help you get the most out of every swap.

Trezor is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, the first of its kind and the most trusted one. It boasts unparalleled security and makes storing, managing, and trading crypto assets as secure as it can be. The wallet provides a smooth user experience, which allows even beginners to use it with ease. Trezor was made by SatoshiLabs.

1inch is a crypto ecosystem that includes a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. The platform aims to offer quick and easy crypto swaps for its users while providing the best rates available.

Guardarian is a virtual currency exchange service established in 2017. It specializes in crypto-fiat exchanges by providing a market-leading onramp/offramp solution connecting fiat and crypto worlds, which enabled it to become one of the first fiat partners for SwapSpace.

Gate.io is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world, founded in 2013 and trusted by millions of users all around the globe — more than $4.6 billion in daily trading volume is the proof of that.