Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: How High Can XRP Go?

Among numerous blockchain projects offering fast and convenient cross-border payments, Ripple is one of the most trusted and longer-lived. It has been in a lawsuit with the SEC since 2020 that was watched over by the community and also affected the token price. Recent victories helped the asset to regain some value, but the outcome of the fight stays unclear. Read our XRP Price prediction to learn about it more.

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XRP Fundamental Analysis

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XRP Ledger is an open-source permissionless decentralized network of peer-to-peer servers that was created to become the most practical cryptocurrency for applications across decentralized financial services. The project is designed to facilitate fast, cheap, and efficient crypto payments. With the XRP Ledger, cross-border transactions can be sent in a matter of seconds (3-5 sec) for a very low price ($0.0002 for a transaction).

The project was launched in 2012 by David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto. At first, it was considered a more environment-friendly alternative to Bitcoin. In September 2012 the team was joined by Chris Larsen, and together they founded the OpenCoin company, which was later renamed to Ripple. The company is focused on creating global payment systems.  

The XRP Ledger offers developers various tutorials on how to create solutions on the network, fix any upcoming issues, and solve inefficiencies. The main applications of XRP Ledger are payments, tokenization, DeFi, CBDCs, and stablecoins. 

The network uses the Federated Consensus mechanism, different from both PoW and PoS algorithms. The network participants are known and trusted by the other members, and there is no mining, thus no rewards for mining XRP. When the participants come to an agreement, a new block or a “ledger version” is created and validated. The servers store the block, the content of which can not be changed. Designated servers work as validators and come to an agreement about the transactions each 3-5 seconds. Anyone can become a validator and all the transactions are transparent.  

One of the main advantages of the XRP Ledger is that it is carbon-neutral. According to the official website, it is 61000 times more efficient than Proof-of-Work networks. Moreover, it offers scalability of up to 15000 transactions per second. 

XRP is the native token of the project. The total supply of 100 billion XRP was pre-mined by the original founders when the project was launched in 2012. No more tokens can be ever issued. 800 billion coins were allocated to Ripple for future operations and development and the remaining tokens were divided among the founders. New coins enter circulation when Ripple decides to sell assets from the pre-mined stash. 

In 2017 the company transferred 55 billion of its 80 billion supply to an escrow account, from where it’s only possible to sell 1 billion tokens per month on the secondary market. It was made to improve the transparency and predictability of XPR sales. All the tokens that were not sold during the month are returned to an escrow account for the next sale.

In 2020 Ripple was charged by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. The regulation body accused the company of the illegal raising of $1.38 billion in unregistered security offerings. The main question in this battle is whether or not XRP is a security with the arguments for and against it. 

Ripple followed a different path from most companies in dealing with SEC and decided to fight. According to the recent Ripple XRP news, the company managed to score another procedural victory in the case. Though it didn’t make the whole case clear and the victory of any side is unclear. 

XRP is intended to be a bridge between hard-match fiat currencies. So if there is no option to directly exchange one currency for another, it can be sold for XRP, and then XRP will be used to buy needed currency. 

The native token of XRP Ledger is also used to provide on-demand liquidity for Ripple’s RippleNet service — a global payment network of financial institutions. Until 2019 it existed as three separate products: xCurrent (a real-time settlement system), xRapid (a liquidity product), and xVia (payment application programming interface). 

XRP Live Price Chart

At the beginning of October 2021, the XRP token was up along with the overall trend in the crypto market. During October it was trading for about $1.1 and after a short drop to $0.99, the XRP Ledger coin price went up at the beginning of November, reaching $1.28 on November 8. From this point, the token established a downward trajectory just in a few days. For almost a month the price was declining till it reached $0.8 on December 6 and stabilized around that level for another 2 weeks. 

In the second half of December, the XRP token started to go up and managed to climb to $0.99 on December 23, but then the price was corrected again. As January 2022 appeared to be stressful for the crypto market, Ripple also struggled. By January 20 its price declined by almost 40% and on January 22 it was trading for only $0.59. The token price stayed down at that level till the beginning of February, and from February 4 started to grow again at a fast pace. 

On February 8 to swap XRP Ledger traders already paid $0.87, and in the next 2 weeks, the price was corrected only to $0.83. After February 20 the situation worsens and the XRP price drops to $0.69 to quickly establish a new uptrend as the crypto market at that time started to show some signs of recovery. It affected XRP as well and its price was growing till the end of March when the asset was trading for about $0.86.

In April XRP experienced big losses, in one month the price of the token declined by 30 percent reaching $0.60. Despite the hopes of the token holders, the bears' season got more intense and XRP went into a downtrend. At the beginning of May, the first attack of the bears hit the market and the price of XRP dropped to $0.38, losing another 40% in just 10 days. The price recovered to around $0.42 and stabilized at the same level for another month. 

At the beginning of June, there was a massive sell-off of the assets that dropped the prices for most of the tokens on the crypto market. On June 14 the XRP coin was trading for $0.32. The tendency was strong enough to keep the asset at that level. The price of XRP was staying down slightly rising. By July 31 the XRP coin was traded for $0.38 and its price was at the plateau that lasted for another 2 weeks. 

On August 18 Ripple lost price again, reaching $0.33. It stayed down until the middle of September, unlike many big assets. In the second half of September, its price started to grow again supported by the good updates on the fight with the SEC. By September 23 XRP reached $0.50, was corrected a little bit, and kept bouncing within $0.45-$0.48 till the beginning of October.  

Recently the market analysts noticed that XRP Ledger’s price chart showed some signs of an upcoming rally, and investors can get ready for their savings to grow in the near future. At the same time the charts signal that the currency might lose another 30% of its price by the end of the year. 

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XRP Technical Analysis

Since April 2021, XPR has been trading in various descending patterns such as triangles and wedges. Together with the fact that it hasn’t been able to consistently break support line in that time, this suggests a strong possibility for a trend reversal in the middle-range timeframes. This may lead to XPR soaring to the previous resistance levels of ~$1.3 and beyond. In the short term most indicators, such as moving averages, suggest selling XRP. However, this discrepancy in predictions can be attributed to the high volatility levels of crypto in general.

XRP Price Prediction

Below we have collected the most reliable price projections for XRP (XRP) from popular forecast platforms.

XRP Price Prediction for 2023

As for XRP price predictions for 2023, there are divergent opinions. TradingBeast expects a downturn towards $0.150481, and echoes with ~$0.088213 by the year’s end. Other experts, for example, from WalletInvestor, are more enthusiastic about XRP’s future price, citing upwards of $0.565 in December.
Potential ROI: -48% Sell

XRP Price Prediction for 2024

In their XRP price predictions for 2024, WalletInvestor forecasts the coin’s price to go down to $0.166 by December. Forecasting XRP future, TradingBeast expects further decrease of its price, too, saying the XRP price will reach ~$0.082765 by that time. On the contrary, keeps predicting XRP price growth, quoting prices around ~$0.970343 in 2024.
Potential ROI: -22% Sell

XRP Price Prediction for 2025

XRP price predictions for 2025 are still predominantly negative, with some analysts promising prices in the $0.033106–$0.0915 range (TradingBeast, WalletInvestor), while takes a different view and cites the possibility of the price reaching $0.809484 in December 2025.
Potential ROI: -40% Sell

XRP Price Prediction for 2026

TradingBeast has only pessimism in store for the 2026 XRP price prediction, valuing XRP at $0.044362 by the end of 2026. WalletInvestor agrees with a negative forecast and predicts, in turn, $0.0335 for the same period. On the other hand,’s team is more optimistic — their XRP price prediction for December of this year is just $0.98591.
Potential ROI: -32% Sell

XRP Price Prediction for 2030

Speaking of long-term XRP price predictions for 2030, experts present two polar opinions. WalletInvestor expresses the view that XRP price won’t grow further and, opposedly, will decline to $0.03551. TradingBeast’s price prediction for XRP echoes with the projection of a downtrend to $0.013309. Despite this,’s vision remains positive, promising growth up to $0.591546.
Potential ROI: -59% Sell
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As it can be clear from the analysis cited above, XRP (XRP) projections are rather contradictory. There is no universal consensus either about positive or negative future XRP price movements. Indeed, the future possible growth depends on various factors: announcements, new technological solutions of the XRP projects, the crypto environment in general, legal position, and so on. We kindly remind you that before investing in any cryptocurrency, it is essential to do your own research (DYOR).


Will XRP price go up?

Yes, most forecasts and analysts suggest Ripple (XRP), price will go up in 2021. Some experts even predict it reaching a new all-time high soon.

Is XRP worth buying in 2021?

lot of mid- and long-term XRP predictions promise a bullish trend in the future. It means that XRP is worth buying and holding.

What is the future of Ripple XRP?

There is a long SEC case against Ripple, which makes some experts apprehensive. However, Ripple’s management seems confident about its prospects, and the price has also recovered after the initial dip. Besides, financial institutions seem to be more open to adopting Ripple than many other cryptos, which is also quite promising for XRP’s future. 

Is XRP a good investment?

There are many definitions of a good investment depending on the investor’s goals. Besides, investments always have an inherent risk. Having said that, since a lot of forecasts predict XRP’s price growth, it might be an attractive investment to hold.

Will XRP reach $10?

There are some experts who are predicting XRP reaching $10 and more in the future. This is a long-term projection with a 5-10 year time horizon.

What will Ripple XRP be worth in 2025?

Most Ripple forecasts for 2025 are optimistic, saying XRP average price in that year will keep in the mid - $2 range. However, keep in mind that long-term predictions are not very reliable and subject to change.

Will XRP ever reach $1000?

The current economic climate and XRP’s fundamentals make XRP reaching $1000 unlikely. But, considering the pace of innovation in finance and tech, this is not out of the realm of possibility.

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.

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