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2885 users made their successful exchanges via SWFT Blockchain on SwapSpace for the past 9 months

In April 2023, the SWFT Blockchain exchange service was integrated into the SwapSpace crypto aggregator. During our 8-month collaboration, the exchanger's volume has experienced a substantial increase, attributed to a few factors of common effective work that will be considered in detail below.

Introduction to SWFT Blockchain

Founded in 2017, SWFT Blockchain is a platform enabling users to engage in cryptocurrency trading, investment, and transactions.

Offering access to 800+ cryptocurrencies and 50+ public blockchain networks, SWFT Blockchain provides a comprehensive range of services for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Successful Collaborative Actions


Greatly performed additional traffic streams for SWFT Blockchain based on SwapSpace loyalty


Comprehensive market data provided by SwapSpace – an option to check the rates in one place that allowed SWFT Blockchain to always be on par with all main market competitors


SWFT Blockchain increased its trustworthiness and loyalty through additional reviews provided by SwapSpace users


Coordinated work of SwapSpace and SWFT Blockchain support teams who are always in touch for the fastest and most effective solution to any user cases

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During an 8-month period, SWFT Blockchain enabled 2885 users to successfully conduct exchanges on SwapSpace.

In the coming future, our collaborative endeavors with SWFT Blockchain will be directed towards augmenting volume value and targeting the expansion of new streams of our common audience through collaborative marketing activities in social media.

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“SwapSpace is a truly trusted exchange partner of SWFT and it’s always greatly supportive to its users and our service due to its coordinated and seamless work”

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SWFT Blockchain Team