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If you're looking to swap Dogecoin, SwapSpace is your one-stop shop. We have some light reading for you — in case you'd like a refresher on what is Dogecoin, or some fresh information about DOGE’s price movements. And, of course, we provide you with multiple Dogecoin exchange options so that you can choose the offer with the best rates and lowest Dogecoin fees, as well as other parameters that suit you.


Dogecoin Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Dogecoin, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Dogecoin price chart and other stats, such as Dogecoin market cap.


DOGE 24H HIGH $0.13482252972346


DOGE MARKET CAP $18,990,046,209.751




DOGE 24H LOW $0.12915735321675


DOGE PRICE $0.13073875948941


DOGE 24H VOLUME $24,076,656.968

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Dogecoin Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Dogecoin, as well as Dogecoin price history.

What is Dogecoin?

What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin, often abbreviated as DOGE, is a digital currency born out of the whimsical realms of internet culture. Conceived as a light-hearted joke in 2013 by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin quickly garnered a dedicated following due to its playful branding and enthusiastic online community. Launched on December 6, 2013, Dogecoin was initially intended as a lighthearted parody of the burgeoning cryptocurrency scene. However, its unorthodox charm and friendly Shiba Inu mascot propelled it to unexpected heights, establishing it as a legitimate player in the digital currency space.

Key and Unique Features:

  • Dogecoin operates on its blockchain, utilizing a proof-of-work consensus mechanism similar to Bitcoin.
  • Unlike Bitcoin, which has a capped supply, Dogecoin has an inflationary monetary policy, with an unlimited supply of coins.
  • Dogecoin's low transaction fees and fast block times make it particularly well-suited for micropayments and tipping on social media platforms.

Initially embraced for its meme-like appeal, Dogecoin has since found utility as a medium of exchange and tipping currency across various online communities.

Its low transaction fees and fast confirmation times make it practical for small-value transactions and charitable donations.

Dogecoin's security is maintained through its proof-of-work consensus mechanism, which relies on miners to validate transactions and secure the network.

Dogecoin News and Developments:

  1. April 20, 2023: Dogecoin community celebrates "Doge Day," an unofficial holiday dedicated to promoting and celebrating the cryptocurrency.
  2. August 9, 2023: Elon Musk tweets support for Dogecoin, sparking renewed interest and a surge in trading activity.
  3. November 17, 2023: Dogecoin Foundation announces plans to sponsor NASCAR driver in upcoming race, further cementing its mainstream visibility.
  4. February 2, 2024: Dogecoin achieves a new all-time high in market capitalization, surpassing previous records.
  5. May 7, 2024: Elon Musk's Tesla announces acceptance of Dogecoin as payment method, signaling growing adoption in mainstream commerce.

DOGE Token:

The DOGE token serves as the native currency of the Dogecoin network, facilitating transactions and incentivizing miners.

With a total supply of over 130 billion coins and a continuous mining reward, Dogecoin's inflationary model sets it apart from many other cryptocurrencies.

Average Dogecoin Network Fees:

The average transaction fee on the Dogecoin network is incredibly low, typically ranging from 1 to 5 DOGE per transaction. This translates to approximately $0.01 to $0.05 USD per transaction, making Dogecoin an affordable option for users seeking to transfer value quickly and inexpensively.

DOGE Token Wallets:

  1. Dogecoin Core Wallet: The official wallet software developed by the Dogecoin project, providing users with a secure and reliable way to store their DOGE holdings.
  2. Exodus Wallet: A popular multi-currency wallet that supports Dogecoin along with a wide range of other cryptocurrencies, featuring a user-friendly interface and built-in exchange functionality.
  3. Atomic Wallet: A decentralized wallet that allows users to store, manage, and exchange their DOGE tokens securely, with support for atomic swaps and built-in token staking.
  4. Ledger Nano S: A hardware wallet solution that offers robust security features for safeguarding DOGE and other digital assets, ideal for users seeking maximum protection against online threats.
  5. Trezor: Another hardware wallet option that supports Dogecoin, providing users with a secure offline storage solution and additional features such as passphrase protection and multi-signature support.

Ready to dive into the world of Dogecoin? Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a curious newcomer, SwapSpace makes it easy to exchange Dogecoin for a wide range of other cryptocurrencies quickly and securely. Join the Dogecoin community today and experience the fun and excitement of the DOGE crypto revolution!

A Simple Way To Exchange Dogecoin Here At SwapSpace

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Step 1

Choose a pair

Choose the cryptocurrencies you would like to exchange among more than 2650 coins and tokens. Pick them from drop-down menus. Type the number of coins you want to swap.

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Step 2

Select the best rate

You choose the rate – we do the magic! Pick up the exchange service by the rate which meets your requirements. Make sure you are okay with the selected service network fee and privacy policy: some of them require you to pass the AML/KYC procedure.

Step 3
Step 3

Transfer funds

Send the exact amount to the address provided and receive the crypto in your wallet within minutes. Don’t have a wallet yet? Our support will recommend a good one!

Step 4
Step 4

Receive your coins

You’ll get your coins in a few minutes! The exact time is a subject of various parameters such as blockchain network workload, transaction volume, our partners’ processing speed, etc. Concerned about your transaction? Check the swap tracker or feel free to contact the support: support@swapspace.co.

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