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You can buy DOGE for USD and other fiat currencies here at SwapSpace! We provide an easy way to do that via one of our partners, such as Mercuryo, Guardarian, or Simplex, with a few simple steps right on this page. You can also look at Dogecoin price dynamics and history, get some answers to your questions, and find some useful links to read more about what is DOGE.


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Dogecoin Live Price Chart

DOGE price can be volatile. You can see the history of price changes in the cryptocurrency price chart below to help you make the best decision while considering buying crypto.

Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer open-source cryptocurrency that was created in December 2013 as a lighthearted and meme-inspired digital currency. It was developed by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The cryptocurrency takes its name and logo from the popular "Doge" internet meme, which features a Shiba Inu dog surrounded by Comic Sans text in broken English.

Dogecoin was initially created as a digital currency for making fast and low-cost transactions. It can be used as a medium of exchange for buying goods and services from merchants or individuals who accept Dogecoin as payment.

While Dogecoin started as a joke or parody cryptocurrency, it gained a significant following and community of supporters. It became known for its friendly and generous community, often engaging in charitable efforts and tipping content creators online. Dogecoin's humorous and laid-back nature, along with its active community, helped it gain popularity and cult-like status.

Dogecoin's PoW algorithm is based on Scrypt, which was originally designed to be resistant to the use of specialized hardware known as ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits). Scrypt was chosen to ensure that Dogecoin mining would be accessible to a wider range of participants using standard computer hardware, as opposed to being dominated by large-scale mining operations.

Dogecoin has a relatively fast block time of approximately 1 minute. This means that new blocks are added to the Dogecoin blockchain roughly every minute, allowing for faster transaction confirmations compared to cryptocurrencies with longer block times.

Dogecoin's origin and continued association with the popular "Doge" internet meme make it unique among cryptocurrencies. The meme's friendly Shiba Inu dog and the use of Comic Sans text in broken English created a lighthearted and approachable image that resonated with a wide audience. The Dogecoin community, known as "Shibes," embraced this playful and generous spirit, creating a strong and supportive community around this cryptocurrency.

The Dogecoin community has been known for its charitable initiatives. In the past, they have supported various causes and made donations to organizations and individuals in need. For example, the community has raised funds for clean water projects, disaster relief efforts, sponsoring athletes, and even funding the Jamaican bobsled team's participation in the Winter Olympics.

Dogecoin experienced notable price volatility, particularly in early 2021, which attracted speculators and traders. Its price surged after viral campaigns and endorsements from influential individuals.

Dogecoin was designed to be user-friendly and accessible to a wider audience. Its low transaction fees and fast block confirmation times made it an attractive option for microtransactions and tipping content creators online. Dogecoin's user-friendly approach and ease of use have contributed to its popularity and adoption in certain communities. 

It's worth noting that while Dogecoin has gained attention and has a dedicated community, it lacks some of the technical features and development activity seen in other major cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, Dogecoin has experienced significant price volatility and has been subject to speculation and investment interest, particularly in early 2021 when its value skyrocketed after receiving endorsements from notable figures, including Elon Musk.

Relatively recently Musk took to Twitter to respond to a query regarding his preference between cats and dogs. With a concise yet influential reply of "Doges," he set in motion an unexpected surge in the value of the Dogecoin, despite the seemingly harmless nature of his response.

Within moments, the DOGE market became inundated with substantial trade volumes, evidently spurred by the actions of automated buying bots. These bots appeared to be intricately designed to swiftly capitalize on any reference to Dogecoin made by Elon Musk, the self-proclaimed "Dogefather." 

The total supply of Dogecoin (DOGE) is uncapped, meaning there is no predetermined limit to the number of coins that can be created. While Dogecoin's supply is uncapped, there is a gradual and controlled increase in the number of coins. The initial mining rewards were high, with a set schedule of block rewards reducing over time. This means that the rate of new coin creation decreases as the network progresses.

Dogecoin has various types of wallets available, including desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and web wallets. These wallets allow users to store, send, and receive Dogecoin securely. Some popular wallet options for Dogecoin include Dogecoin Core, MultiDoge, and Exodus.

As of July 17, 2023, the circulating supply of the Dogecoin is 140,209,346,384 DOGE.

Average Fees on DOGE

The standard fee for sending a Dogecoin transaction typically hovers around ~0.0025 DOGE. However, it's important to note that the fee may vary based on the unique characteristics of the transaction and prevailing network conditions.

How to Buy DOGE on SwapSpace


On this page, we put USD in the “You send” and DOGE in the “You get” sections in the widget. USD is the default, but you can choose your preferred fiat currency. Put in the amount of fiat you want to spend. Next, press the ”View offers” button and choose a provider.

Buy Crypto Step 1

Fill in the “Enter the recipient address” field with the destination Dogecoin address. Check the information carefully and click the “Next” button. After reading the special terms and conditions in the next window, click “Next” again.

Buy Crypto Step 2

At this point, you will either see our partner’s widget or be redirected to another page, depending on the chosen provider. You will be asked to verify your identity, as this is standard practice for the services that work with fiat money. Follow the provider’s instructions on the screen.

Buy Crypto Step 3

After completing the KYC procedure, fill in your credit card information. At this point, everything is in place and your transaction will start.

Buy Crypto Step 4

Wait for the transaction to process. You’ll see a message when it’s completed. A window with your transaction details will also appear; from there, you can also create another crypto-fiat exchange.

Buy Crypto Step 5

Convert Fiat to Crypto Now

If you’re still just considering buying crypto with a credit or debit card, you can use the widget to play around with our cryptocurrency converter: just put in the amount of USD, EUR, or other fiat currency you're willing to spend and see how much DOGE you can buy with it.

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