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June Katz 01 Apr 2024 ◦ 4 min read

Why SwapSpace?

Why SwapSpace?

SwapSpace is your go-to crypto exchange aggregator, teaming up with over 20 trusted partners to grant you access to a whopping 2550+ coins. Our top priority is ensuring swift and seamless swaps at the most competitive market rates. With our secure non-custodial platform, you can buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies hassle-free. Since our inception in 2019, we've focused on simplifying the user experience by consolidating swap offers from leading exchanges and presenting them sorted by the best rates, all without any extra charges. We curate the finest options, giving you the power of choice.

Our mission

The mission of the project is to save you from wasting time seeking a suitable cryptocurrency exchange. We’ve already done it for you! SwapSpace provides not only the opportunity to select the optimal exchange according to the currency rate, fee percent, number of cryptocurrencies but also provides the exchanges’ ratings onscreen. You can compare the customers’ reviews of the exchange services and choose the most reliable option when it comes to your money.

Our advantages

For customers:

  • Top market rates: Leveraging our reputable partners, we ensure rapid exchanges without constraints, always adapting to rate fluctuations to secure you the best deals.
  • Wide coin selection: Explore a vast array of 2550+ coins, from top-ranking assets to trending tokens and stablecoins, with fresh additions weekly.
  • Effortless experience: Enjoy crypto swaps hassle-free, sans sign-ups or accounts, safeguarding your privacy and saving you precious time.
  • Rate flexibility: Take your pick between fixed rates for exact exchange amounts or floating rates for a more traditional trading experience.
  • Rewarding loyalty: Engage with Invader, our NFT-based loyalty program, and snag up to 50% cashback through our Revenue Share initiative.
  • 24/7 assistance: Count on our dedicated support team, available round-the-clock via live chat or email, to enhance your exchange journey.

For partners:

  • Lucrative revenue share: Earn a hefty 50% revenue share for each transaction, providing your customers with the best rates.
  • Tailored fee management: Customize fees with partners like Binance, KuCoin, 1inch, and Gate.io to maximize your earnings.
  • Seamless integration: Effortlessly integrate our services into various platforms using a range of affiliate tools.
  • Extensive coin coverage: Access over 2550 coins across 70 networks, with new currencies regularly added.
  • Marketing assistance: Enjoy comprehensive marketing support, including collaborative activities, giveaways, and AMA sessions.
  • Personalized support: Get immediate assistance from a dedicated account manager and access transparent performance data and insights.

New and upcoming features

At the moment, we are focusing on some events and features that we think you'd like to try:

  • SwapSpace Invaders Club: Our NFT-based loyalty program offers up to 50% cashback through RevShare, customizable NFTs, and personalized account management.
  • Affiliate program: Join our affiliate program to provide your audience with top rates and earn a 50% revenue share.
  • Galxe promo: Participate in our upcoming campaign on Galxe for exclusive rewards.

And we have even more exciting things in the pipeline, soon to be released!

  • SwapSpace mobile app: Seamlessly access new funds with our upcoming mobile app.
  • Crypto loans: Retain your crypto holdings while accessing additional funds for investment opportunities.
  • Spend crypto: Shop on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Spotify using cryptocurrency, facilitated by our user-friendly widget from Bitrefill.

Who we are

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts from all over the world associated with one aim – to create the most convenient place for exchanging cryptocurrency. Tired of searching for fast, profitable, and legit exchanges, we created SwapSpace aggregator, which unites the coins and tokens variety of most instant crypto exchanges with non-custodial benefits allowing you to swap crypto right from your wallet and always hold your private keys. We aim to make it simple and handy, with intuitive exchange flow, making the cryptocurrency world available for everyone. Check it yourself, and don’t forget to try with a small transaction first!

SwapSpace is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that integrates several swap services to make your exchanges faster and more convenient. We have integrated all the functionality of 14 instant exchanges to ensure that you could just choose the most profitable rate from the line-up and exchange your assets smoothly.

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