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district0x Network Token

District0x (DNT) is an Ethereum-based, multi-utility token belonging to the eponymous platform.

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What Is district0x Network Token?

District0x (DNT) is an Ethereum-based, multi-utility token belonging to the eponymous platform. It operates on a collective of decentralized markets and communities, generally used to create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). District0x Network Token is used within the platform as a means of regulating community participation and network administration. DNT is a token used by holders to join districts and participate in their governance. Users become shareholders in the district they contribute their DNT to. Once they place their bets on DNT, they get voting shares in the legal division of that selected district and determine its features like branding and monetization. Consequently, token holders can share the profits generated from the districts in which they have a stake. 

Pros and Cons of district0x Network Token

Advantages of District0x Network Token

DNT prioritizes community interests and plays a great role in assisting the project’s main goal of eliminating the difficulties typically associated with using distributed community marketplaces. DNT’s holders can launch new districts for free while most similar projects usually have commissions or a fixed fee for the same operation. DNT is traded among the 200 most popular cryptocurrencies on numerous exchanges. The website contains a comprehensive FAQ not only on the project itself but the DNT token as well. The developing team is committed to promoting the token and has an extensive history of successful projects which gives credibility as it shows that the project is being run by capable people. 

Disadvantages of District0x Network Token

Surprisingly, DNT can’t be used for payments on the platform which is explained on the website. Users have to use ETH or any other ERC20 token. This raises the question of why use DNT at all and whether the development of the platform encourages the token’s popularity. The co-founders of the project are also the only people named, and there’s no transparency regarding the rest of the team and its consultants.

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