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If you're looking to swap Monero, SwapSpace is your one-stop shop. We have some light reading for you — in case you'd like a refresher on what is Monero, or some fresh information about XMR’s price movements. And, of course, we provide you with multiple Monero exchange options so that you can choose the offer with the best rates and lowest Monero fees, as well as other parameters that suit you.


Monero Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Monero, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Monero price chart and other stats, such as Monero market cap.


XMR 24H HIGH $143.70139888


XMR MARKET CAP $2,610,412,195.025




XMR 24H LOW $140.67840862


XMR PRICE $141.53906261


XMR 24H VOLUME $19,666,019.234

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Monero Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Monero, as well as Monero price history.

What is Monero?

What is Monero? Monero, often referred to as XMR, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that aims to offer secure, untraceable, and fungible transactions. Launched in April 2014, Monero was originally known as BitMonero, created by a pseudonymous individual known only as "thankful_for_today." Later, it was forked and relaunched as Monero under the stewardship of the core development team, which includes Riccardo Spagni, known by his online alias "fluffypony," as one of the prominent figures.

Key Features and Unique Aspects:

  • Privacy: Monero employs advanced cryptographic techniques such as ring signatures, stealth addresses, and confidential transactions to obfuscate transaction details, ensuring that sender, receiver, and amount transacted remain private.
  • Fungibility: Due to its privacy features, Monero aims to be fungible, meaning that all units of the currency are interchangeable, ensuring that no transaction history can be used to discriminate against certain coins.
  • ASIC Resistance: Monero's mining algorithm, RandomX, is designed to be resistant to specialized mining hardware, ensuring a more decentralized mining ecosystem.
  • Decentralization: Monero strives to maintain decentralization by allowing anyone with a computer to participate in the mining process, avoiding concentration of mining power in the hands of a few entities.

Blockchain Type and Use Cases:

Monero operates on a public blockchain, similar to Bitcoin, but with enhanced privacy features. Its primary use cases include:

  • Private Transactions: Monero is favored by individuals and entities seeking financial privacy, such as activists, journalists, and businesses concerned about transactional transparency.
  • E-commerce: Due to its focus on privacy, Monero is increasingly accepted by online merchants who prioritize customer anonymity.
  • Speculation and Investment: Like many cryptocurrencies, Monero is also used for speculative trading and long-term investment purposes.

Security Maintenance, Upgrades, and Forks:

Monero's development community is vigilant about security and regularly releases updates to address any vulnerabilities. Notable events and developments in Monero's history include:

  1. January 2017: Monero implemented Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT), further enhancing transaction privacy.
  2. April 2018: Monero successfully completed the Bulletproofs upgrade, reducing transaction sizes and fees.
  3. November 2019: The RandomX upgrade was implemented, enhancing ASIC resistance and improving the overall security of the network.
  4. October 2020: Monero developers released the Triptych upgrade, further enhancing privacy and scalability.
  5. March 2023: Monero announced plans for the implementation of MimbleWimble technology to improve scalability and privacy.

Average Monero Network Fees:

The average transaction fee on the Monero network is approximately 0.0008 XMR, which translates to roughly $0.20 USD based on current exchange rates. These fees may vary depending on network congestion and transaction size but generally remain low compared to other cryptocurrencies.

XMR Token Wallets:

There are several wallets available for storing and managing Monero:

  1. Monero GUI Wallet: The official desktop wallet developed by the Monero community, providing a user-friendly interface for managing XMR funds.
  2. MyMonero: A web-based wallet offering convenient access to Monero without the need to download any software.
  3. Cake Wallet: A popular mobile wallet available for iOS and Android devices, known for its intuitive design and security features.
  4. Exodus: A multi-currency wallet supporting Monero along with other cryptocurrencies, accessible on desktop and mobile devices.
  5. Ledger Nano S: A hardware wallet offering enhanced security for storing Monero offline, protecting funds from online threats.

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Step 1

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Step 2

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You choose the rate – we do the magic! Pick up the exchange service by the rate which meets your requirements. Make sure you are okay with the selected service network fee and privacy policy: some of them require you to pass the AML/KYC procedure.

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Transfer funds

Send the exact amount to the address provided and receive the crypto in your wallet within minutes. Don’t have a wallet yet? Our support will recommend a good one!

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Receive your coins

You’ll get your coins in a few minutes! The exact time is a subject of various parameters such as blockchain network workload, transaction volume, our partners’ processing speed, etc. Concerned about your transaction? Check the swap tracker or feel free to contact the support: support@swapspace.co.

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