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John Martin 13 Mar 2024 ◦ 8 min read

Common Mistakes in a Crypto Bull Market and How to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes in a Crypto Bull Market and How to Avoid Them

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise, prompting many individuals to seize the opportunity and get involved in the fast-moving trend. However, not everyone is aware of how to navigate this trend effectively and the potential consequences of hasty actions. In this article, we will explore mistakes to steer clear of in the cryptocurrency market's bullish phase.


The combination of events related to the halving of Bitcoin, the upgrade of Ethereum 2.0, and the emergence of new liquidity owing to the Bitcoin ETF creates the prerequisites for a new bull run.

However, let us not forget that, on the eve of bullish growth, it is important to avoid common mental traps and mistakes: the probability of losing money in a bull market is the same if you do not make several adjustments to your trading and do not control your emotions.

Definition of a Bull market

The cryptocurrency market in its bullish phase is a period when various cryptocurrencies experience significant price increases owing to investor optimism and increasing popularity. 

The bull market has experienced a long period of rising stock prices. Its appearance is determined by three main factors: 

  1. an increase in investor confidence;
  2. economic growth;
  3. low interest rates.

Investor confidence is the main factor that affects stock prices. When investors feel confident about the future, they tend to purchase shares, leading to further price increases. Economic growth also plays an important role in creating bull markets.

Economic development leads to an increase in companies’ profits, which, in turn, leads to an increase in stock prices. Low-interest rates also increase the attractiveness of investing in stocks, as they provide the opportunity to earn more profit from investing in stocks than from other investment instruments, such as bonds.

In most cases, a bull market lasts for several years but can end unexpectedly if investor confidence decreases or economic conditions worsen.

However, bull markets usually end with a gradual decline in stock prices over several months, before a sharp downturn.

Characteristics of the cryptocurrency bull market:

  • Rising prices are the main characteristic of a bull market, which attracts most investors. During this period, asset prices rise due to increased demand and number of buyers.
  • A positive mood is another key feature of a bull market. Investors are more optimistic in a bull market, as they expect prices to rise further. Such a mood can lead to a snowball effect when growing optimism encourages even more investment and pushes prices even higher.
  • Increased trading activity is another clear sign of bull markets. As prices rise, an increasing number of people want to participate in transactions, which leads to a sharp increase in trading volumes.
  • Increased media coverage — rising prices and increased trading activity–leads to more media attention to the asset market. This can enhance the effect of the bull market as more people become aware of the possible profits that can be made.

Costly Mistakes During a Bullish Market and How to Avoid Them 

Emotional buying, FOMO

In the midst of a rapid price increase, investors often fall into a state of "FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out). The fear of missing out on potential benefits leads to impulsive decisions. To overcome this emotional roller coaster, it is very important not to succumb to FOMO, take a step back, conduct thorough research, and make informed investment choices.

Excessive wastefulness

In a bull market, the balance between risk and rewards should be maintained. Although the use of leverage can increase profits during bullish growth, excessive leverage increases the risk of significant losses if the market decreases. Excessive use of leverage is a risky game; therefore, during a bull market, one should be careful not to put all financial eggs in one basket.

Poor risk management

In the excitement of a bull market, some investors overlook risk management strategies. Setting stop loss orders and correctly determining the position size is vital for protecting against potential losses. Without these precautions, investors may be exposed to significant financial risks when the market conditions change.

Lack of fact-checking

The hype around specific projects or coins may be excessive during bull runs. Investors should not make impulsive decisions based on rumors, social media trends, or celebrity endorsements. Careful research is an antidote to hype, ensuring that investment decisions are based on facts and not fleeting trends.

Lack of exit strategy

An ill-considered exit strategy is a common mistake in a bull run. Investors are advised to have a clear exit plan to help them navigate during market instability. It is necessary to adhere to predefined goals and obligations in order to avoid excessive market fascination.

Lack of diversification

The concentration of all funds in a cryptocurrency or a small set of assets can expose investors to high risk. Diversification is key to distributing risks and ensuring a more stable investment portfolio. Optimal earning potential can be achieved by placing the eggs in different baskets.

Unreasonable profit-taking

Optimism during bullish growth should be restrained by strategic profit-taking. Instead of assuming that the market will grow indefinitely, investors should accumulate profit at regular intervals. A step-by-step approach to profit-taking minimizes the risk of missed opportunities.

Independent decision-making

Blindly following the crowd without understanding the fundamentals of the chosen assets can lead to incorrect decisions. Traders are advised to rely on their own knowledge and conduct independent research rather than succumb to the herd feeling. Knowledge is a force for navigating the cryptocurrency market.

Insufficient protection of your digital assets

Security often takes a back seat to the excitement of trading. However, protecting crypto assets using robust security measures, including complex passwords and secure storage, is of paramount importance. An additional level of protection is provided by storing funds, not on exchanges, but in cryptocurrency wallets.

Excessive enthusiasm

Excitement during a bull run can lead to excessive purchases without careful consideration. It is recommended to buy within the set goals and not give in to hype. A prudent purchase provides a balanced approach to market participation, and a few days of market observation allows more informed decisions to be made.


As we stand on the threshold of bullish cryptocurrency growth in 2024, the path to investment success is full of potential pitfalls. However, using a disciplined and informed approach, solving these problems is less difficult. The key to thriving in this dynamic market is a commitment to continuous learning, rigorous research, and the implementation of strict security measures. Using such strategies as dollar value averaging, risk management using stop losses, and diversification across various assets can significantly reduce risks.

Moreover, setting clear investment goals and strategies while communicating market trends and best security practices allows investors to make decisions consistent with their long-term financial goals. As we delve into the promising opportunities of the bull market for cryptocurrencies, we prioritize strategic planning and informed decision-making. By doing so, investors can not only protect their investments but also benefit from the growth potential of the growing crypto market.

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