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If you're looking to swap Optimism, SwapSpace is your one-stop shop. We have some light reading for you — in case you'd like a refresher on what is Optimism, or some fresh information about OP’s price movements. And, of course, we provide you with multiple Optimism exchange options so that you can choose the offer with the best rates and lowest Optimism fees, as well as other parameters that suit you.


Optimism Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Optimism, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Optimism price chart and other stats, such as Optimism market cap.


OP 24H HIGH $2.01764397


OP MARKET CAP $7,708,463,038.683




OP 24H LOW $1.71447522


OP PRICE $1.79476641


OP 24H VOLUME $24,270,629.548

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Optimism Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Optimism, as well as Optimism price history.

What is Optimism?

Optimism is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to reduce the high fees and slow transaction times that can occur on the main Ethereum network by using a technique called optimistic rollups.

Optimistic rollups allow transactions to be processed off-chain, which can significantly increase transaction throughput and reduce gas fees. These transactions are then periodically batched and submitted to the Ethereum mainnet as a single transaction, resulting in reduced congestion on the main network.

Optimism achieves fast finality for transactions, meaning that once a transaction is confirmed, it is guaranteed to be included in the next batch submitted to the Ethereum mainnet. Optimism also provides a suite of developer tools and documentation, making it easy for developers to build and deploy dApps (decentralized applications) on the Optimism network.

Validators of Optimism are responsible for validating transactions and maintaining the integrity of the Optimism network. Validators stake their OPT tokens as collateral and earn rewards for validating transactions and producing new blocks. 

The value generated by Optimism is based on its ability to provide a more scalable and user-friendly version of the Ethereum network, which can attract developers, users, and investors to build and participate in the ecosystem.

The Optimism ecosystem includes a growing number of dApps and protocols that are built on top of the Optimism network, including popular projects like Uniswap and Chainlink.

Optimism was founded by a team of developers and entrepreneurs in 2019, including Jinglan Wang, Ben Jones, and Karl Floersch. Jinglan Wang is the CEO of Optimism and has a background in computer science and finance, while Ben Jones and Karl Floersch both have experience in blockchain development and research.

The team behind Optimism has been actively involved in the Ethereum community for several years and has contributed to a number of open-source projects related to blockchain technology.

Since its founding, Optimism has received funding from several notable investors, including Andreessen Horowitz and Paradigm, and has also partnered with a number of leading blockchain projects, including Uniswap and Chainlink.

Optimism has its native token, OPT, which is used to pay transaction fees and is also used as a governance token, giving holders the ability to vote on network upgrades and other proposals. The total supply of the OP token is over 4.2 billion at an inflation rate of 2% a year, and as of March 2023, only 7% (314 million) of the coins were released and are currently circulating. 

Average Fee on the Optimism Network 

The average fee on the Optimism network can vary depending on network usage and congestion, as well as the specific dApp or smart contract being used. However, the transaction fees on the Optimism network were generally much lower than those on the Ethereum mainnet.

According to Optimism's documentation, the base transaction fee for a simple transfer of OPT tokens on the Optimism network is 0.005 OPT. 

OP Token Wallets 

The OP token can be held in a variety of wallets that support Ethereum-based tokens, including MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, Binance, Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, imToken wallet, Infinito Wallet, etc. 

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