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If you're looking to swap SKALE Network, SwapSpace is your one-stop-shop. We have some light reading for you - in case you'd want a refresher on what is SKALE Network or some fresh information about SKL’s price movements. And, of course, we provide you with the multiple SKALE Network exchange options so that you can choose the offer with the best rates and lowest SKALE Network fees, as well as other parameters that suit you.


SKALE Network Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your SKALE Network, we gathered some cold hard numbers: SKALE Network price chart and other stats, such as SKALE Network market cap.


24H HIGH $0.0394


SKL MARKET CAP $191,209,421.794


CIRCULATING SUPPLY 4,953,611,963.569 SKL


24H LOW $0.037


SKL PRICE $0.0386


24H VOLUME $423,606.955

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SKALE Network Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of SKALE Network, as well as SKALE Network price history.

What is SKALE Network?

Skale Network is an Ethereum-compatible, self-declared to be the only containerized network that can run an unlimited number of secure, decentralized, high-performance blockchains native to Ethereum. The network was designed to bring scalability to Ethereum. Besides boosting the transactions capacity, it reduces latency and ensures payments with low costs. It is a Proof-of-Stake network that utilizes a work token. 

The network is fully decentralized and has over 150 nodes and over 45 validator orgs. It also provides on-chain file storage and is compatible with Ethereum virtual machines. According to the project’s official website, it aspires to allow the users to build and run dApps in a decentralized modular cloud built for the real-world needs and configured according to the specific user or project requirements. 

The Skale Network was the first project to launch a token on ConsenSys Codefi’s Activate Platform that allows users to buy, sell and keep their tokens in one application and also to distribute the utility tokens in a new way.

Using the Skale Network improves the speed at which Ethereum verifies and authorizes the transactions. According to the team, Skale can operate around 2000 transactions per second per chain. 

Thanks to the Byzantine Fault Tolerant standard of security in distributed systems, the network can reach a consensus even if one-third of the participants are malicious. BLS Threshold signatures enable efficient interchain communication and support randomness in node allocation. Leaderlessness mitigates the possibility of collusion among network participants, ensuring that each participant can equally propose and commit new blocks. 

SKALE (SKL) is a native token of the network. The project team intends to make it widely adopted without being engaged in any fraudulent activity. The coin has a total supply of 7 billion tokens, 4.1 of which were out by the time of release.

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