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Kaspa Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Kaspa, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Kaspa price chart and other stats, such as Kaspa market cap.


KAS 24H HIGH $0.12130742485011


KAS MARKET CAP $2,752,630,150.272




KAS 24H LOW $0.11338854878918


KAS PRICE $0.11777080265622


KAS 24H VOLUME $47,234,208.06

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Kaspa Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Kaspa, as well as Kaspa price history.

What is Kaspa?

Kaspa is a cryptocurrency built on a proof-of-work (PoW) protocol that utilizes the GHOSTDAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) consensus mechanism. Unlike traditional blockchain architectures, GHOSTDAG allows for the coexistence and ordered consensus of parallel blocks rather than orphaning them. This innovative approach results in a blockDAG structure, enabling secure operation with exceptionally high block rates.

Initially conceived by DAGLabs, a research and development company, with financial backing from PolyChain, Kaspa has since transformed into a decentralized community-driven project devoid of centralized governance or a defined business model.

The driving force behind Kaspa's inception is Yonatan Sompolinsky, a Postdoctoral Computer Science researcher at Harvard University and a notable member of the MEV (Miner Extractable Value) Research Team. Sompolinsky's contributions to the blockchain realm are significant, evidenced by the citation of his 2013 paper on the Ghost protocol in the Ethereum Whitepaper.

The development team behind Kaspa comprises several key individuals, including Shai Wyborski, a doctoral student specializing in cryptography; Michael Sutton, a master's graduate in computer science; Mike Zak, an undergraduate studying computer science; Elichai Turkel, a cryptography researcher; and Ori Newman, a developer. These individuals collectively contribute their expertise to drive Kaspa's ongoing evolution and advancement.

One of Kaspa's defining characteristics is its capability to maintain a high level of security while accommodating extremely fast block generation. Currently operating at one block per second, Kaspa aims to increase this rate to 10 or even 100 blocks per second, leveraging its unique consensus mechanism and network architecture.

The project offers various features to enhance usability and efficiency. These include reachability, enabling users to query the DAG's topology, block data pruning to manage blockchain size, and support for Simple Payment Verification (SPV) proofs, which enable transaction validation without downloading the entire blockchain. Additionally, Kaspa plans to introduce subnetwork support, facilitating the implementation of layer 2 solutions for further scalability and functionality enhancements.

Another distinctive aspect of Kaspa is its novel monetary policy, known as the chromatic phase. Inspired by the 12-note scale of music, this policy implements a geometric emission reduction over time. Block rewards decrease based on the frequencies of consecutive semitones in a tempered chromatic scale, with the initial reward set at the frequency of the note A4. The reward halves annually but in a smooth manner, adjusting every month to align with the musical scale analogy.

Kaspa's blockDAG framework, coupled with its swift block generation, is strategically designed to foster decentralized mining of KAS tokens, ensuring the viability of solo mining even for participants with lower hash rates.

Launched in November 2021, Kaspa adopted a fair-launch approach devoid of pre-mining, pre-sales, or coin allocations. The total supply of Kaspa tokens is capped at 28.7 billion coins, and its emission schedule follows a pattern of halving once annually, with gradual monthly reductions to maintain consistency. This fair and transparent distribution model underscores Kaspa's commitment to equitable participation and sustainable growth within its ecosystem.

The native cryptocurrency of the KASPA network, KAS, serves a variety of functions, including payment for services, covering transaction fees, and facilitating mining activities. Notably, it distinguishes itself as one of the fastest proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, offering high decentralization in mining operations.

As of January 26, 2024, the circulating supply of KAS tokens is 22,454,140,706 KAS.

Kaspa is available for purchase on various cryptocurrency exchanges, offering users a range of options for acquiring the token. Prominent exchanges supporting Kaspa include MEXC, CoinEx, TxBit, TradeOgre, and ViteX, catering to diverse preferences.

Additionally, decentralized alternatives like Web3 wallets such as MetaMask provide another avenue for purchasing Kaspa. Users opting for MetaMask can start by adding the Binance Smart Chain network to their wallet and depositing some BNB. From there, they can seamlessly navigate to PancakeSwap, where they can exchange their BNB for Kaspa tokens. This accessibility across both centralized and decentralized platforms underscores the widespread availability and user-friendly nature of Kaspa's trading ecosystem.

In response to the changing demands of the digital landscape, KASPA has introduced Kaspium, a mobile wallet engineered to deliver superior performance and user-friendly features. This initiative underscores KASPA's dedication to enhancing accessibility and fostering innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

In response to the expanding Kaspa mining community, Hiveon has launched a specialized mining pool tailored specifically for KASPA mining. This initiative not only provides fresh avenues for miners but also strengthens the network's mining infrastructure, catering to the evolving needs of its growing user base.

The Average Fees on Kaspa

KASPA (KAS) boasts remarkably low transaction fees, averaging at just 0.0001 casts per transaction. This affordability makes it an appealing choice for users seeking cost-effective transactions on the network.

The KAS token Wallets

The KAS token can be held in one of the following crypto wallets: KDX, Kaspium,  Kaspa Command Line Wallet, part of the core Kaspa node software bundle, maintained by the core team, OKX Wallet, ViaWallet, Zelcore, OneKey. 

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