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Convex Finance Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Convex Finance, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Convex Finance price chart and other stats, such as Convex Finance market cap.


CVX 24H HIGH $2.92298172


CVX MARKET CAP $284,252,650.155




CVX 24H LOW $2.77709993


CVX PRICE $2.85397103


CVX 24H VOLUME $109,668.823

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Convex Finance Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Convex Finance, as well as Convex Finance price history.

What is Convex Finance?

Convex Finance focuses on enhancing the rewards and incentives for liquidity providers on the Curve Finance platform, which is a major decentralized exchange (DEX) known for its efficient stablecoin trading.

Convex Finance emerges as a notable player in the domain of decentralized finance (DeFi), introducing a distinct paradigm. This innovative protocol caters to Curve liquidity providers by reshaping the dynamics of earnings. In contrast to the conventional approach of staking liquidity directly on Curve, Convex Finance offers a novel avenue. It enables liquidity providers to stake through Convex, consequently unlocking a gateway to a proportion of trading fees on the Curve platform. Moreover, Convex augments this opportunity with amplified CRV rewards and liquidity mining incentives, creating an ecosystem that redefines CRV stakers' capital efficiency.

Amidst the evolving landscape, Convex Finance positions itself strategically in the unfolding "Curve wars." This intricate competition revolves around securing substantial influence over the Curve Finance stablecoin exchange. The significance lies in the correlation between CRV tokens held and the command wielded over interest rates on Curve. With Curve standing as the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL), the ongoing "Curve wars" manifest as a captivating race. This contest encapsulates the pursuit of dominance over arguably the most pivotal protocol in the DeFi realm.

In the landscape of the ongoing "Curve wars," Convex Finance assumes a strategic position owing to its distinctive incentive structure. The core objective revolves around accumulating Total Value Locked (TVL) to assert influence over Curve Finance. This pursuit is channeled through two distinct avenues: serving CRV holders and addressing Curve liquidity providers.

Convex Finance introduces the issuance of cvxCRV tokens, granted upon staking CRV assets, catering to CRV holders. Simultaneously, Curve liquidity providers are offered augmented rewards for choosing to stake LP tokens via the Convex platform.

A central tenet of Curve Finance's mechanics is veCRV—vote-escrowed CRV—derived from staked CRV and time-locked for a predetermined duration. veCRV tokens wield amplified voting power and rewards, the latter being a function of the underlying CRV's lock-up period. These rewards hold the potential to surge up to 2.5 times the initial rate. Yet, the pursuit of maximum rewards grows progressively challenging with higher liquidity influx.

Convex Finance emerges as a collective solution to this challenge, pooling the resources of individual stakers to harness aggregated liquidity for securing boosted rewards. This model enables even modest investors to amalgamate their Curve Finance LPs with Convex, unlocking rewards that would otherwise remain beyond grasp. These encompass interest on provided liquidity, a fraction of Curve's trading fees, and supplemental amplified rewards facilitated by Convex's framework.

CRV token holders can opt to stake their holdings and acquire cvxCRV tokens, entailing access to veCRV rewards, Convex's trading fees, CVX tokens, and airdrops allocated to veCRV token holders. This multi-tiered strategy culminates in a comprehensive architecture of incentives and benefits that propels Convex Finance into prominence within the evolving DeFi landscape.

CVX stands as Convex Finance's ERC-20 utility token, designed to empower Curve Finance liquidity providers with amplified rewards. Within the Convex Finance ecosystem, CVX tokens operate as the designated governance instrument, offering the opportunity to be staked in return for a share of the platform's generated earnings.

CVX holders have the ability to participate in the decision-making process of the Convex Finance protocol. They can vote on proposals, changes to the platform's parameters, and other governance-related matters. Similar to its governance role, CVX tokens may grant holders enhanced voting power in certain matters, allowing them to have a more influential say in the protocol's evolution.

CVX, with a total issuance of 100 million tokens, adheres to a distribution framework delineated as follows:

50%: Curve LP Rewards

  • Distributed proportionally in alignment with CRV acquired via Convex.

25%: Liquidity Mining

  • Dispersed over a span of four years through various incentive programs such as CVX/ETH and cvxCRV/CRV pairings.

9.7%: Treasury

  • Subject to vesting over a year, these funds are reserved for future incentives and community-driven initiatives.

1%: Instant Airdrop to veCRV Holders

  • Immediately claimable, this portion is allocated to veCRV holders.

1%: Instant Airdrop to veCRV Holders Voting to Whitelist Convex

  • Similarly instant and accessible, this component is dedicated to veCRV holders who endorse Convex's whitelist status.

3.3%: Investor Portion

  • These tokens vest over a year, with 100% of the investment funds utilized for pre-seeding boosts, remaining locked indefinitely (no cvxCRV minting).

10%: Convex Team Allocation

  • Dispensed incrementally over a year, this segment acknowledges the Convex team's contribution.

cvxCRV tokens are minted at a 1:1 ratio in exchange for every staked CRV. As for CVX tokens, they offer the capacity to engage in proposals within the Convex Finance protocol.

As of the end of August 2023, the circulating supply of the CVX tokens is 80,059,713 CVX.

Average Fees on the CVX

Fees include transaction fees for transferring the token, gas fees on the Ethereum network (as CVX is an ERC-20 token), or fees associated with certain actions within the Convex Finance ecosystem.

CVX Token Wallets

The CVX token can be held in one of the following crypto wallets: MetaMask, Atomic Wallet, Trust Wallet, Ambire Wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, BitKeep, BitPay, Coin98, Coinbase, HyperPay, imToken, FreeWallet, FILWallet, Coinomi, Coinhub, etc.

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