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Syscoin is a native cryptocurrency on a platform that is focused primarily on attracting businesses to blockchain.

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What Is Syscoin?

Syscoin is a native cryptocurrency on a platform that is focused primarily on building the infrastructure necessary to attract businesses to the blockchain. Syscoin offers the ability to carry out financial transactions and provides a platform for the reliable exchange of goods, assets, digital certificates, and data. The coin is traded under the SYS symbol on crypto exchanges. In 2017, there was a jump in the rate due to the release of a new version of Syscoin, as well as the subsequent reduction in the number of issued coins by 2 times. Syscoin aims to attract all types of businesses thanks to its set of functions focused on the financial sector. SYS is used to pay for goods on the marketplace in order to keep the commission for transactions on the platform at practically zero value.

Pros and Cons of Syscoin

Advantages of Syscoin

Syscoin has positioned itself as a successful business platform integrated directly into the blockchain. The coin has formed its own circle of supporters who are ready to engage in mining and sale, and consequently, support the life of this digital currency. These factors guarantee the stability of Syscoin in the nearest future. It also has established partnerships with key figures in the industry like Binance and Microsoft Azure. All of these factors combined have guarded Syscoin a place within 200 best cryptocurrencies on the market. Right now, Syscoin has an extremely high return on investment and is in the public spotlight.

Disadvantages of Syscoin

Despite the current high position and public interest, Syscoin was not always that successful, and not much happened in the period from its inception in 2014 up to 2017. The project was also caught up in the Moolah scam where money was stolen from the developers. In spite of being so popular, Syscoin is traded on a small number of exchanges and needs more endorsement in this regard. There are also competitors for Syscoin not only among other coins but in the business field in general.

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