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What Is Quant?

The Quant token is used to access the Overledger Quant Network. The project is focused on ensuring interoperability between different blockchains. Quant Network's business model is driving the growth of the platform and consequently the demand for QNT tokens. It is part of a product strategy aimed at developers and enterprises and a consulting approach to helping companies leverage the platform. The more clients, MApps, and users are on the platform, the more demand for tokens there is. In accordance with Quantum's roadmap for the creation of new technologies (for example, decentralized exchange), the expansion of the functions of QNT tokens can take place. For now, the QNT token is proprietary on the platform and is required to access products for both developers and customers. In addition, a certain number of QNT tokens is required for betting in order to use certain free apps.

Pros and Cons of Quant

Advantages of Quant

The CEO of Quant Network has extensive experience and the team has been working on Overledger Quant's since 2015. Quant’s approach to products inspires confidence in the campaign's success. If they successfully solve the single book dependency problem, a huge number of applications will be built and used on top of Overledger technology. Assuming there is a strong demand for multi-chain applications, the future of QNT looks quite optimistic.

Disadvantages of Quant

The idea of ​​developing a multi-chain platform is not new in itself. Many companies are already actively developing in this niche, so Quant has a place to compete. There are other points to consider in the success of the project: real corporate developments, global growth, the constant expansion of the team with experienced specialists, a detailed repository on GitHub, and much more.

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