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What Is Populous?

Populous is a token located on an invoicing and trading platform for various forms of business and based on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides any company with the opportunity to redesign its financing system so that the time lag between invoicing and receipts is reduced greatly.

The ecosystem is centered around the use of custom PPT tokens that have the ERC-20 standard. They are also pegged to fiat money at a 1:1 ratio which is maintained by the platform’s investors. Since financial transactions between account buyers and sellers are carried out with the help of PPT customizable stable currency tokens, it protects account buyers and sellers from market volatility. The flow of funds within the platform allows the system to support currency from any part of the world without the need for third parties. After the invoices are funded by investors, PPTs are sent to invoice sellers, also known as borrowers. They can further be exchanged for currency or transferred to an external Ethereum wallet.

Pros and Cons of Populous

Advantages of Populous Token 

The Populous project aims to create the next generation financial market used around the world. This has guarded Populous a place in the top-200 rank among all cryptocurrencies. The token eliminates third parties from the picture. Today it is one of the few tokens for the sale of invoices and the application of the Ethereum blockchain financial sphere. The support towards PPT by venture capital funds also demonstrates the high potential of the system. 

Disadvantages of Populous Token 

The project has set quite an ambitious goal and the scale of the network’s spread and popularity will directly influence the necessity of the token. PPT is currently traded on just a few exchanges, despite holding a high place in the ranking. There are also traditional invoice markets that currently dominate the market. In the past, users have come across rumors of the founder and CEO of the platform accused of fraud. This poses a threat to the general public’s trust in the token and the credibility of the project in general.

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