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HyperCash is a cryptocurrency designed to mitigate the transfers of coins and information between blockchains.

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What Is HyperCash?

HyperCash is a cryptocurrency designed to mitigate the transfers of coins and information between blockchains. This digital currency uses a hybrid consensus mechanism that combines both PoW and PoS. Its network is also made up of two blockchains that run sideways, each of them performs different functions for the entire network. Thanks to this system, it facilitates the process of interconnection, as well as privacy and security problems that prevail in the current blockchain ecosystem.

HyperCash has a community-driven autonomous governance model. This measure has been taken so that the needs of the community can be adequately satisfied, always ensuring efficient decision-making and in a more sustainable and inclusive development environment.

HyperCash also has zero proof-of-knowledge technology, a quantum robustness key pair system, improved privacy, microvias transfer rates, and a DAO governance structure. Other benefits include simplified mining, reliable transactions, smart contracts, and the ability to access cross-blocking.

Pros and Cons of HyperCash

Advantages of HyperCash coin

Hcash is being developed by a large international team of skilled people who are well-versed in the field of cryptocurrencies. There’s a wide selection of research partners and investors, as well as corporate pools on the website. Both of these factors contributing to the technical development of the HyperCash coin have secured it a place within the top-200 cryptocurrencies. 

Disadvantages of HyperCash coin

The main idea of this crypto is also developed and implemented by HyperCash’s competitors in the crowded sidechain market like Neo, Aeternity, Icon, Lisk to name a few. The current task for HyperCash now is to gain dominance in the overpopulated market and provide the technical solutions that no one has managed before. It is also presented on a few exchanges. There’s been much criticism about the scarce information regarding the development of the project. Currently, the last updates on the roadmap date 2019, which is not a good look when we are approaching 2021. Ultimately, some people confront all of these critics, claiming that the HyperCash development team is based in China, which explains the lack of transparency so far. 

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