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What Is GoChain?

GoChain (GO) is a scalable, fast, and secure blockchain based on the Ethereum platform. The cryptocurrency supports high transaction volumes and quite fast verification. Ethereum can provide 13 transactions per second, while GoChain does x100 more. GoChain aims to go beyond Ethereum smart contracts using PoR (Proof of Reputation) instead of PoA (Proof of Authority) and PoW (Proof of Work). PoR takes user reputation into account to ensure the network can be secure and free from all possible external and internal failures.

GoChain is a leader in delivering the next generation of automated systems (like managing financial transactions, regulating obligations and asset transferring).

Pros and Cons of GoChain

Let's consider the features of the currency in details below.

Advantages of GoChain crypto

  • GO is a public cryptocurrency, which means it can be distributed for the public interest. It creates DApps and reliable contracts compared to other ICOs already in existence.
  • It is fully reconcilable with all the Ethereum wallets and other tools.
  • GoChain provides instant transactions, which is impossible within other similar platforms.
  • The speed of GoChain is 1300 transactions per second. So, GO is one of the fastest and reliable protocols of the blockchain.
  • Last but not least, this is a DApp platform that goes beyond the smart contracts of the Ethereum network. 

Disadvantages of GoChain crypto

It seems like GO does not really have serious disadvantages. The potential of the project is great. It aims to improve Ethereum and promises to be faster and more scalable. In addition, the platform has already introduced functions for logistics, finance, oil and gas entities. All of these fields of activity were not represented in the blockchain before. GoChain currency’s mission is to provide a fast, scalable, low-cost platform for the cryptomarket. The project promises to become one of the best among the crypto community.

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