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What Is Dock?

DOCK is a native utility token on the Dock network, which is designed to provide a way to issue and manage universal, individually-owned, tamper-proof credentials. Blockchain technology ensures that the credentials are secure and instantly verifiable, proving Dock’s usefulness in many areas such as healthcare, education, supply chain management. Dock mainnet was launched in September 2020.

Dock provides tools for developers to build customized apps that can issue credentials. There’s Dock’s demo app, Certs, which is available to try on their website, as well as a verifier for W3C credentials. W3C had also provided a grant to Dock early on, which raised its trustworthiness level.

In the first phase after the mainnet’s launch, Dock has used Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus protocol, when verificators were chosen by a governing body overseeing the network’s development, called Dock Association. This is going to change in July 2021, when the project is slated to undergo a transition into the next phase, replacing PoA with PoS – Proof-of-Stake. This news is exciting for DOCK token holders since the changes will allow them to expand their use of the tokens, which will include voting to elect governing Council members or running a validating node. By enabling this, the update will build upon the current incentive structure, where tokens have three purposes: governance, staking and validating, and facilitating network operations.

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