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Established in 2018 simpleswap.io

SimpleSwap is a reliable and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that offers an easy way to buy, sell or swap crypto. This service doesn’t require sign-up and supports more than 900 crypto and fiat currencies. The SimpleSwap team is always glad to add new coins to the platform and is open to new partnerships in order to make the service even better. There are two exchange types: floating and fixed-rate exchanges. You can always choose a suitable option. 

SimpleSwap Features:

  • Non-custodial: SimpleSwap doesn’t keep the funds of its customers.
  • Intuitive process of exchange: It takes just a few moments to choose an exchange pair, add the recipient’s address, and send the deposit to start an exchange.
  • Good Rates: SimpleSwap works with the biggest and most well-known crypto exchanges. The service compares all exchange rates there and provides the best options for its customers.
  • Great variety of cryptocurrencies: There are thousands of crypto pairs available for swap. Moreover, new tokens and coins are constantly added to the service.
  • No signup required: You can exchange cryptocurrencies very conveniently and fast without registration. 

The service, established in 2018, has been a joy to use for a number of years. It has built up credibility with customers and partners which can easily be verified by the feedback on social media and reviews.

Established in 2018 simpleswap.io

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