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Celestia Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Celestia, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Celestia price chart and other stats, such as Celestia market cap.


TIA 24H HIGH $17.4407175


TIA MARKET CAP $16,555,236,594.816




TIA 24H LOW $15.60608966


TIA PRICE $16.13045623


TIA 24H VOLUME $33,950,647.684

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Celestia Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Celestia, as well as Celestia price history.

What is Celestia?

Celestia (TIA) is a groundbreaking modular blockchain network that revolutionizes the deployment of blockchains with minimal complexity. It introduces a novel approach to scaling by redesigning the fundamental architecture of blockchain technology. The key innovation lies in the concept of data availability sampling, which effectively decouples execution from consensus.

Unlike traditional monolithic blockchains that face scaling challenges due to handling all core functions, such as transaction processing and network node consensus, Celestia takes a modular approach. By separating consensus from transaction execution, Celestia achieves enhanced scalability without compromising security or decentralization.

Celestia's departure from the conventional monolithic model allows developers to define their own execution and settlement environments without constraints. This flexibility opens up new and previously unexplored possibilities for builders and developers. It provides a platform where experimentation becomes more accessible, enabling the deployment of application-specific or general-purpose blockchains on Celestia. Furthermore, these newly deployed blockchains immediately inherit security from Celestia's validator set.

Celestia's success hinges on a team of highly skilled professionals, each bringing unique expertise to the company:

  • Mustafa Al-Bassam (CEO and Co-founder): Mustafa Al-Bassam, former CEO, and co-founder of Chainspace, acquired by Facebook, is a recognized authority in blockchain scaling. His leadership brings valuable insights and experience to drive Celestia's success.
  • Ismail Khoffi (CTO): Ismail Khoffi, serving as the Chief Technology Officer, previously held a senior engineering role at Tendermint and the Interchain Foundation. His technical expertise contributes to the robust development of Celestia's blockchain infrastructure.
  • John Adler (CRO): John Adler, the Chief Revenue Officer, is the creator of Optimistic Rollups and held a position as a scalability researcher at ConsenSys. His innovative contributions and research background are crucial to Celestia's advancement.
  • Nick White (COO): Nick White, the Chief Operating Officer, co-founded Harmony, showcasing his strategic and operational acumen. His experience adds depth to Celestia's operational and organizational capabilities.

Together, this diverse team collaborates to propel Celestia forward, combining their collective knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the blockchain space.

The modular nature of Celestia not only facilitates experimentation but also grants developers sovereignty over the rules of an application. This means that alterations to the technical stack can be made without requiring permission from external applications, offering a level of control and customization that was not possible with traditional blockchain models. In essence, Celestia represents a paradigm shift in blockchain technology, offering a more scalable, flexible, and developer-friendly environment.

Rollups and Layer 2 solutions leverage Celestia as a network for disseminating and sharing transaction data, allowing anyone to access and download it. Celestia serves as a high-throughput data availability platform that can be easily verified using a lightweight node.

Rollups represent a recent innovation in the realm of blockchains. What sets them apart is their approach to task distribution by delegating some of their functions to a layer 1 infrastructure like Celestia. In simple terms, rollups transmit their transaction data to Celestia, where it is organized and made accessible for users of the rollup to download. As an added benefit, rollups benefit from a level of security provided by Celestia.

However, the rollups implemented on Celestia distinguish themselves from others in the field. They combine the ease of deployment characteristic of layer 2 solutions with the additional autonomy enjoyed by layer 1 blockchains. We refer to these as "sovereign rollups," emphasizing their convenience in launching, akin to layer 2 solutions, while retaining the sovereignty typically associated with layer 1 blockchains.

Data Availability Sampling (DAS) stands as the innovative foundation that empowers Celestia's light nodes to efficiently verify Data Availability (DA). Rather than downloading the entire dataset, light nodes selectively retrieve a small portion from each block.

Significantly, DAS provides Celestia with the ability to scale proportionally with the number of users, specifically light nodes. As the network of light nodes expands, Celestia adapts to the increasing data throughput demands required for millions of rollups without compromising the security and integrity of end users' transactions. This scalability feature ensures that Celestia remains robust and reliable as its user base grows over time.

Celestia made its debut on October 31, 2023, with the successful deployment of Mainnet Beta, affectionately codenamed Lemon Mint. This milestone represents the introduction of the inaugural modular data availability network. Beyond the mere act of Celestia going live, the Mainnet launch signifies the commencement of a transformative era.

In this new era, emphasis is placed on verifiability, where individuals can run secure light nodes, contributing to a more accessible and transparent network. It also ushers in a collaborative age, fostering an environment where different blockchains can openly build upon one another. Moreover, it ushers in an era of abundant block space, providing developers with the opportunity to deploy their own blockchains without constraints. This significant development marks a pivotal moment, not just for Celestia but for the broader blockchain community, paving the way for increased collaboration, security, and innovation.

TIA tokens may be used to pay for DataStake within the Celestia network. This could involve compensating nodes for storing and making data available. TIA tokens also might be utilized to pay for blobspace, which is the space where rollups can publish their data within the Celestia ecosystem. TIA tokens could be the means by which rollups pay for publishing their data to Celestia's blobspace, contributing to the overall functionality and scalability of the network.

Developers may use TIA as a gas token for their rollups, providing a mechanism for covering transaction fees within the Celestia ecosystem. Users could stake TIA tokens to participate in the consensus mechanism and help secure the Celestia network. Staking often serves as a way to align the interests of network participants and enhance security.

The Average Fees on the Celestia Network 

The average transaction fee on the Celestia network is relatively low and is usually around $0.01. 

The TIA Token Wallets 

The TIA tokens can be stored and held in the following crypto wallets: Keplr Wallet, Cosmostation, Leap, Ledger, MetaMask, Torus, Coinbase, Token Pocket, iToken Wallet, etc. 

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