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FEG Token Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your FEG Token, we gathered some cold hard numbers: FEG Token price chart and other stats, such as FEG Token market cap.


FEG 24H HIGH $0.0005256552234


FEG MARKET CAP $6,881,960.651




FEG 24H LOW $0.00048217502564


FEG PRICE $0.00049727752585


FEG 24H VOLUME $66,950.847

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FEG Token Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of FEG Token, as well as FEG Token price history.

What is FEG Token?

FEG Token is a decentralized transaction network operating on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain platforms. At its core, FEG is driven by its native FEG token, a hyper-deflationary, community-driven governance token designed to foster a new era of decentralized finance. 

The acronym FEG stands for Feed Every Gorilla, reflecting the project's commitment to conservation efforts and wildlife protection. FEG has partnered with the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), a charitable organization focused on primate sanctuaries. As a testament to their dedication, FEG matches the first $750 in community donations to PASA each month, further contributing to the cause.

The FEG Exchange is a pivotal component of the ecosystem, providing users with the ability to swap, stake, and provide liquidity to various tokens. It offers a user-friendly interface and empowers individuals to engage in decentralized finance activities with ease.

To enhance user experience, FEG offers FEGtrack, a mobile and web application. FEGtrack allows users to conveniently monitor their FEG rewards and keep track of their token holdings and transactions. This tool ensures transparency and enables users to stay updated on their FEG-related activities.

FEG introduces Smart DeFi, which aims to revolutionize decentralized finance by enhancing security, efficiency, and overall returns. By eliminating the need for liquidity pools, Smart DeFi creates a more streamlined and optimized DeFi experience within the FEG ecosystem.

Smart DeFi is a comprehensive and fully-audited token launchpad that offers project creators a seamless process to mint, presale, launch, and establish their staking protocols effortlessly. With just a few clicks, project creators can utilize the Smart DeFi™ platform to bring their ideas to life.

Smart DeFi allows project creators to choose between RFI (Reflect Finance) or non-RFI token structures. RFI tokens incorporate a fee redistribution mechanism, where a portion of transaction fees is distributed among token holders. Non-RFI tokens do not include this fee redistribution mechanism.

FEG crypto introduces an innovative asset-backing mechanism that positions it as a store-of-value cryptocurrency with a continuously rising baseline. FEG is backed by either Ethereum (ETH) or Binance Coin (BNB), depending on the underlying blockchain, which is generated through the trade volume taking place on decentralized and participating centralized exchanges.

FEG Stakers have the opportunity to earn passive income through the ecosystem's unique rewards system. All fees generated within the FEG ecosystem contribute to FEG Staking Rewards. This includes fees originating from various sources such as Tokenomics, FTW, and Protocol Fees associated with all projects launched through the SmartDeFi token launchpad.

It's important to note that the ecosystem fees encompass a range of revenue streams, ensuring a sustainable and profitable staking experience for FEG token holders. By participating in staking, users can capitalize on the ecosystem's growth and generate passive income over time.

The FEG token serves as the backbone of the FEG ecosystem. With a 2% transaction tax, FEG employs a hyper-deflationary mechanism to encourage token holders to both trade and hold their tokens. This transaction tax helps to sustain and enhance the ecosystem's functionality and development. 

The FEG token has a total supply of 100 quadrillion on each Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. To ensure scarcity and value appreciation, 50% of the total token supply on each blockchain (Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain) was immediately burned. This reduction in the circulating supply contributes to the potential long-term value of FEG Token.

FEG Token was listed with no presale, meaning that there was no exclusive sale or distribution of tokens before the public listing. Furthermore, there are no team tokens, ensuring that the project's success is aligned with the community's interests. Additionally, 100% of the liquidity was provided publicly, ensuring transparency and equal access to liquidity pools.

FEG Token is compatible with several popular cryptocurrencies, including Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance USD (BUSD), and more. Users have the flexibility to convert their FEG tokens into these digital assets, enabling participation in various blockchain ecosystems and decentralized finance opportunities.

Average Fees on FEG

There is a 2% tax for staking and unstaking on all volumes of new tokens taken and redistributed between all the token addresses on the chain. 1% goes to a burnt wallet, and 1% goes to holders. The FTW trading protocol and aggregator is to fund additional income streams to the staking pool. 

Within the internal balance of Smart Swap traders can trade without the 2% fee. The wrapped tokens are the subject of a 1% fee, with the gas fees on the Smart Swap reduced to up to 40%.

FEG Wallets 

The FEG token is listed on most of the major exchanges and platforms and can be held in most of the common and well-known crypto wallets, including Coinbase, Binance, Meta Mask, Ledger, imToken, TokenPocket, iToken Wallet, Freewallet, Assure Wallet, Math Wallet, Trust Wallet, Coinhub, etc. 

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