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SingularityNET Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your SingularityNET, we gathered some cold hard numbers: SingularityNET price chart and other stats, such as SingularityNET market cap.


AGIX 24H HIGH $0.3317789918312


AGIX MARKET CAP $941,176,488.102




AGIX 24H LOW $0.29644013042762


AGIX PRICE $0.31372549603388


AGIX 24H VOLUME $4,003,769.615

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SingularityNET Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of SingularityNET, as well as SingularityNET price history.

What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET is a decentralized platform that aims to bring together artificial intelligence (AI) developers, providers, and users in a collaborative marketplace. SingularityNET's goal is to facilitate the creation, sharing, and monetization of artificial intelligence (AI) services. Its main purpose is to create a global marketplace for AI, allowing AI developers, researchers, and users to interact and collaborate in an open and decentralized environment. This marketplace is designed to be open and accessible to anyone, enabling a broad range of AI applications.

The platform encourages collaboration among AI developers, enabling them to pool their expertise and build more advanced and sophisticated AI services. This collaborative approach can lead to the development of novel and groundbreaking AI solutions. The platform's goal is to make AI accessible to a wide range of users and industries, including individuals, businesses, researchers, and more.

SingularityNET aims to involve the community in making important decisions about the platform's direction. Token holders can participate in governance proposals and decisions, ensuring that the platform evolves in ways that benefit the community.

SingularityNET was founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, Dr. David Hanson, and Cassio Pennachin. The project was officially announced in 2017.

Dr. Ben Goertzel is a well-known figure in the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. He has a background in mathematics and cognitive science and has been involved in various AI projects and initiatives. Dr. Goertzel is known for his work in creating AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and has contributed to AI research for several decades.

Dr. David Hanson is a roboticist and founder of Hanson Robotics, a company known for creating humanoid robots with expressive capabilities. He is also recognized for creating Sophia, a social humanoid robot that has garnered international attention for its human-like interactions and appearances.

The founding of SingularityNET included the development of its whitepaper, which outlined the technical details and goals of the platform. The initial token sale (Initial Coin Offering, or ICO) for AGIX tokens, the native utility token of SingularityNET, helped fund the project's development. The ICO took place in December 2017. During the ICO, the project raised approximately $36 million USD worth of Ethereum (ETH).

SingularityNET is built upon the foundation of two powerful technologies: AI-Domain Specific Language (DSL) and OpenCog Hyperon.

AI-Domain Specific Language (DSL) forms a network of AI agents equipped with advanced organizational capabilities. It serves as a pivotal tool that empowers SingularityNET to comprehend and manage task instructions, subsequently autonomously executing them. For instance, when presented with a user's request to condense videos embedded within a webpage, DSL orchestrates the process. It orchestrates service A to analyze and transcribe the video content and service B to create a concise summary of the generated text. This orchestration is followed by DSL ensuring compensation for the execution of tasks by A and B, resulting in the fulfillment of the user's specific requirements.

Parallelly, the incorporation of OpenCog Hyperon enriches SingularityNET with the prowess of an open-source general artificial intelligence (AGI) system rooted in the OpenCog framework. As one of the core technologies underpinning SingularityNET, OpenCog Hyperon presents an array of diverse AI strategies and methodologies. These encompass Neuro Symbolic AI, Evolutionary Learning systems, Machine Learning, and more. This amalgamation of AI methodologies operates in a collaborative manner, facilitating SingularityNET's capacity to proficiently execute intricate transactional commands, enabling the platform to navigate complex scenarios with agility and accuracy.

The foundational platform performs critical functions, including facilitating trustless and automated transactions through a multiparty escrow system. It also enables the publication of new AI services and organizations on the blockchain, monitors the success of API calls, and establishes pricing strategies.

Built atop this platform is the AI Marketplace, which boasts a comprehensive user interface. This interface empowers users to effortlessly explore, evaluate, and test services registered within the platform. The majority of services extend a limited number of free API calls, allowing users to form a substantial understanding of the service's capabilities. Beyond this point, users can opt to access additional services by utilizing our native AGIX token or employing traditional fiat currency through our integrated Paypal feature.

Developers can list their AI services on the platform, making them accessible to users who require specific AI solutions. SingularityNET uses the AGIX token for transactions within the platform. Users can use AGIX to pay for AI services, incentivize developers, and more. SingularityNET also aims to enable interoperability between different AI services and platforms, allowing developers to build more comprehensive and versatile AI solutions by combining different components. The platform emphasizes ethical AI practices and encourages developers to adhere to responsible and fair AI development.

Users who require specific AI services can submit their requests through the RFAI mechanism. These requests outline the details of the desired AI service, such as the type of task or problem to be solved, the desired performance metrics, and any other relevant information. RFAI stands for "Request For AI," and it's a mechanism within the SingularityNET platform that facilitates the interaction between AI service requestors and AI developers.

Once a user submits a request, it becomes visible to AI developers within the SingularityNET network. Developers can review the requests and decide if they have the expertise and resources to fulfill them. Developers outline their proposal, including details about the approach they would take, the technology they would use, and the estimated timeline for completion.

Users can review the proposals submitted by AI developers and select the one that best meets their requirements. This might involve assessing the proposed approach, the developer's track record, and other relevant factors. As part of the SingularityNET ecosystem, transactions and interactions, including payment for the AI service, are facilitated using the AGIX token.

In October 2020 SingularityNET launched its SNEP (SingularityNET Enhanced Proposal), governance mechanism within the SingularityNET platform that allows community members to propose changes, improvements, or initiatives for the ecosystem. SNEP proposals can cover a wide range of topics, such as technical upgrades, new features, partnerships, marketing campaigns, and more.

SingularityNET introduced a staking mechanism called "Proof-of-Stake (PoS) staking" for its native utility token, AGIX. In exchange for staking their tokens, participants can earn rewards in the form of additional AGIX tokens. These rewards are distributed based on factors like the number of tokens staked, the duration of the staking period, and the network's overall activity.

In partnership with Hanson Robotics, SingularityNET has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration named Awakening Health. This joint venture is dedicated to pioneering the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) within the healthcare domain. One of the flagship endeavors emerging from this partnership is the development of innovative AI-driven healthcare solutions. Among these pioneering creations is their inaugural product, Grace – an embodiment of advanced technology designed to serve as a humanoid assistant tailored for the healthcare sector.

AGIX is the native ERC-20 utility token of SingularityNET and is used for various purposes within the platform's ecosystem, including accessing AI services, participating in governance decisions, and rewarding AI developers.

The max supply of the AGIX tokens is capped at 2 billion. As of August 2023, the total supply is 1,324,917,189 AGIX, and a circulating supply is 1,232,484,306 AGIX.

Average Fees on the Singularity.NET Network

Singularity.NET doesn’t charge any fees.

AGIX Token Wallets

The AGIX token can be held in any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, imToken, Torus, Coinbase, TokenPocket, iToken Wallet, OKX Wallet, Assure Wallet, SimpleHold Wallet, Portis, Coinhub, Formatic, Coin98, FILWallet, Daedalus Wallet, etc.

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