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If you’re looking to exchange GALA to USDT coins, you came to the right place! Our mission here at SwapSpace is to provide you with a number of exchange options from our partners, so that you can compare the offers and choose the best crypto exchange for you needs. On this page, you can read more about your coins, look at GALA/USDT crypto price dynamics, try our cryptocurrency exchange pairs, and exchange your crypto now — no need to even leave this page!


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GALA / USDT Live Price Chart

Both GALA price and USDT price are quite volatile. You can see the history of price changes in the cryptocurrency price chart below to help you make the best decision while considering exchanging your crypto.

In the initial days of October 2023, the GALA to USDT conversion rate was reported at approximately 0.0156 USDT per GALA. The GALA token, belonging to the Gala Games ecosystem, was exhibiting an intriguing trend of growth and stability, while the USDT stablecoin continued to assert its resilience in the crypto market.

As November commenced, the GALA to USDT conversion rate experienced a slight dip, touching around 0.0152 USDT per GALA on November 7. However, the market quickly responded, propelling the conversion rate to 0.0159 USDT per GALA by November 17, showcasing the inherent volatility within the crypto space. The positive trajectory of the GALA to USDT conversion rate persisted throughout November, culminating in a rate of approximately 0.0165 USDT per GALA by the end of the month, spurred by increased demand and favorable market sentiment surrounding the Gala Games platform. This momentum extended into December, with the conversion rate reaching a peak of approximately 0.0182 USDT per GALA on December 12. GALA's integration of exciting gaming features and robust community engagement played a vital role in establishing its position within the market.

However, a market correction in early January 2024 impacted the conversion rate, bringing it down to approximately 0.0168 USDT per GALA by January 15. Despite this, the GALA token exhibited resilience, manifesting a steady upward climb as the integration of new gaming titles and partnerships fueled investor interest.

By February 29, the GALA to USDT exchange ratio had recovered, reaching approximately 0.0201 USDT per GALA. This upward momentum, albeit with fluctuations, persisted into the following months, showcasing GALA's growing influence within the gaming and blockchain sectors.

In summary, the GALA to USDT conversion rate displayed fluctuations over the specified period, responding to market dynamics, investor behavior, and developments within the Gala Games ecosystem. It showcased both periods of growth and minor corrections while maintaining an overall upward trajectory, reflecting the increasing adoption and recognition of the Gala Games platform and the GALA token within the crypto space.

How to Exchange GALA and USDT on SwapSpace


On this page, we already put GALA in the “You send” and USDT in the “You get” section in the exchange window below — so you should just enter the amount you want to exchange. Next, press the ”View offers” button and select the exchange service that you like the most. Choose either fixed or floating exchange rate, as we at SwapSpace provide you with options for either of them!

Choose a pair

Fill in the “Provide the recipient address” field with the destination USDT address and provide the refund address for your GALA if you want. If your preferred wallet is Trezor, you can press the button to connect a wallet and simplify the exchange process (more on that — in our FAQ). Check the information carefully and click the “Next” button.

Select the best rate

Using the wallet of your choice, send your GALA to the address you see on the screen. You can use the QR code to speed up the process. You can also press the “Connect Wallet” button, which will give you options to connect your Metamask wallet, Trezor, or use WalletConnect (more on using those options — in our FAQ). As soon as our partner gets your GALA, the exchange will continue.

Transfer funds

At this stage, you need just to wait until you get your coins in the wallet. Check the Swap Tracker if you want to know the exchange status, and feel free to contact the support if it seems like something is going wrong. That’s it!

Receive your coins

Exchange Your Crypto Now


If you’re still just considering exchanging your crypto, you can use the exchange window to play around with our cryptocurrency exchange pairs: just put the amount of GALA coins you want and take a look at how much USDT you would get at the current crypto prices.

If you’re still just considering exchanging your crypto, you can use the exchange window to play around with our cryptocurrency exchange pairs: just put the amount of GALA coins you want and take a look at how much USDT you would get at the current crypto prices.

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