Helium Price Prediction: Is There a Future for HNT?

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What Is the Helium Price Prediction Today


  • In 2024, Helium price is expected to reach $6.417636696789957, according to some experts
  • 2025 promises to be turbulent, with prices ranging from $2.0272215297757095 to $26.28, with WalletInvestor predicting a breakthrough leading to a price rise to $26.28
  • By 2030, HNT price can hit $6.417636696789957

Helium Fundamental Analysis

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Helium is a decentralized wireless network designed to enable Internet of Things (IoT) devices to communicate with each other and connect to the Internet. The HNT token serves as the native cryptocurrency of the Helium network and is used for various purposes within the ecosystem.

Helium (HNT) was founded by Amir Haleem, Shawn Fanning, and Sean Carey. The project officially launched in July 2019. Amir Haleem serves as the CEO of Helium. Before Helium, he co-founded the on-demand video platform called Napster, and he has a background in software development and entrepreneurship.

Best known for co-founding Napster, Fanning is also one of the co-founders of Helium. He has been involved in various technology ventures throughout his career. Sean Carey, one of the co-founders of Helium, has experience in the technology and startup space.

Helium was created with the vision of building a decentralized, community-driven wireless network for the Internet of Things (IoT). The founders aimed to address issues related to the cost and scalability of providing wireless connectivity for IoT devices. They envisioned a network where individuals could participate by deploying Helium Hotspots, which act as both wireless access points and miners.

Hotspots are physical devices that serve as both wireless access points and miners on the Helium network. They communicate with IoT devices and other Hotspots to establish network coverage. Hotspot owners are rewarded with HNT for contributing to network coverage.

Helium operates on its own blockchain, which is designed to support the requirements of the IoT ecosystem. The blockchain facilitates the recording of transactions, manages the issuance of HNT tokens, and secures the network through cryptographic techniques.

The Helium network uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Coverage (PoC). Hotspot owners are rewarded with HNT tokens for providing wireless coverage and validating transactions on the network. This approach incentivizes the expansion of the network and the creation of a global, cost-effective infrastructure for IoT communication.

The following component is the proof of location. Comparable to PoC, the Helium network describes a mechanism utilizing WHIP to decipher the precise geographical location of a device without the necessity for power-intensive and costly satellite location hardware. Devices are capable of asserting immutable, secure, and verifiable information regarding their location at a specific time, with the blockchain serving as a record-keeping platform for such claims.

WHIP stands for Wireless Hardware Interface Protocol, a standards-compliant, open-source wireless network protocol designed for low-power devices across expansive areas. It seamlessly operates on prevalent radio chips available from numerous manufacturers, devoid of any proprietary technologies or modulation schemas.

Another integral aspect is Helium DWN - Helium Decentralized Wire Network. This facilitates wireless internet access for devices through multiple independent miners. DWN also stipulates adherence to the Helium network and WHIP specifications by all participants on the network.

The Helium blockchain uses a unique structure called a Consensus Group. Each Consensus Group is responsible for producing a block on the blockchain. It consists of a set of Hotspots that have been selected based on their recent Proof-of-Coverage performance.

Helium utilizes HoneyBadgerBFT, a derivative of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT). In essence, BFT is a consensus mechanism ensuring the continued operation of a distributed network even when certain nodes fail to respond or behave maliciously.

The Helium network aims to create a global, decentralized, and more cost-effective wireless infrastructure by incentivizing individuals to set up and maintain Hotspots. These Hotspots use LongFi technology to provide low-power, long-range wireless connectivity. LongFi technology combines the benefits of Long Range (LoRa) wireless technology with the Helium blockchain. 

The network is designed to support IoT devices and applications that require wireless connectivity but may not have access to traditional cellular networks. Examples include smart devices, sensors, and other IoT applications.

HNT is used within the Helium ecosystem for various purposes, including staking to participate in the network, earning rewards for providing coverage, and facilitating transactions within the network.

The max supply of the HNT tokens is capped at 158,930,380 HNT, and as of December 19, 2023, the circulating supply is 158,930,380 HNT.

Helium emphasizes community involvement and decentralization. The network is powered by individuals who deploy and operate Hotspots, and the Helium community plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the ecosystem.

Similar to Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) and Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), Helium has its own improvement proposal system known as Helium Improvement Proposals (HIPs). These are proposals for changes to the Helium blockchain protocol, network, or client software.

HNT tokens can be stored in compatible cryptocurrency wallets, and they can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can manage their HNT holdings through these wallets and participate in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

According to the recent crypto news Helium is experiencing rapid growth, evident from platform data indicating a global presence of over 363,000 hotspots. The upward trajectory is likely to persist, especially with the potential for further growth as the price of the HNT token continues to rise.

Helium has recently broadened its ecosystem by introducing Helium Mobile, a cost-effective solution priced at just $20 per month in the US. This allows users to access data, talk, and text at a significantly lower cost compared to the current average monthly expenditure of $157. Notably, users have the added benefit of earning cryptocurrency while utilizing the service

Helium Live Price Chart

Just before the middle of June, the HNT price dropped from the level it kept for over a month. On June 13 to buy the Helium native token traders paid $1.26. The price chart went a little bit down during the next week and by June 19 to swap HNT users paid $1.19. After that, the HNT price chart started growing, but at first at a very slow pace. 

By June 26 the value of HNT was back to the level around $1.26. After a short correction to $1.21, the price of HNT grew more, reaching $1.38 by June 30. During the first 10 days of July, the HNT price chart declined to $1.34, and then it spiked to $1.82 on July 12, but in the next 5 days, it lost most of the gains, dropping to $1.58 and the remaining around this level till the end of the month. 

From August 1 the HNT price started growing again, but this time with bigger gains. In just a week the Helium network native token’s price reached $2.09, but couldn’t stay at this higher point, causing the HNT price chart to establish a downtrend. It lasted until September 11 when the value of HNT reached $1.36, just a little higher than at the beginning of the taken period. 

From the middle of September and until the end of October the value of HNT kept growing but at a very slow pace. After 1,5 months the HNT price reached only $1.52. After a short drop to $1.5 on November 2 the price of HNT started bullying. By November 11 it reached $2.16, remained stable for a few days, and continued growing even more. 

On December 2 to buy HNT tokens traders had to pay already $2.9. But even after doubling the price the HNT didn’t leave the uptrend. This HNT price surge was caused by the launch of the nationwide unlimited mobile service and its governance token MOBILE. 

The MOBILE token holds a unique status. 5G Hotspots acquire this token by actively participating in the network—earning it through the transfer of data and validating their coverage of the wireless infrastructure.

The price of MOBILE skyrocketed after the launch, dragging as well the value of the HNT coin. 

On December 8 the value of HNT reached $5.3, and then the price chart went for a market correction. At that point, the value of Helium dropped to $4.7, but from December 12 the HNT price chart went up again. By December 13 the value of HNT reached $8.04. Just in one week, the HNT token surged by 64%. 

The market experts still see the possibility for more gains for the Helium token. The price chart might reach $9 by the end of the year. 

Helium Technical Analysis

Despite the fact that 100% accurate technical analysis for Helium cryptocurrency is hardly possible, on this advanced technical analysis tool by TradingView you can see the real-time aggregated HNT buy-and-sell rating for selected timeframe. The summary for HNT/USD is based on the most popular technical indicators — Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots.

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Helium Price Prediction

Below we have collected the most reliable price projections for Helium (HNT) from popular forecast platforms.

Helium Price Predictions Summary

Average Price
Avg. Price / Pot. ROI
Potential ROI

Helium Price Prediction for 2024

As for Helium price predictions for 2024, there are divergent opinions. PricePrediction.net expects an upturn towards $5.093362, and WalletInvestor echoes with ~$13.407 by the year’s end. Other experts, for example, from TradingBeast, are more pessimistic about Helium’s future price, citing numbers downwards of $1.423611 in December.
Potential ROI: 110% Buy

Helium Price Prediction for 2025

In their Helium price predictions for 2025, TradingBeast’s forecasts the coin’s price to go above $3.226851 by December. Forecasting Helium's future, WalletInvestor expects further growth, too, saying the Helium price will reach ~$26.28 by that time. On the contrary, PricePrediction.net keeps predicting Helium price decline, quoting prices around ~$2.277777 in 2025.
Potential ROI: 235% Buy

Helium Price Prediction for 2026

Helium price predictions for 2026 are still predominantly positive, with some analysts promising prices in the $4.966819–$49.218 range (PricePrediction.net, WalletInvestor), while TradingBeast takes a different view and cites the possibility of the price reaching $0.7276 in December 2026.
Potential ROI: 479% Buy

Helium Price Prediction for 2027

PricePrediction.net has only optimism in store for the 2027 Helium price prediction, valuing Helium at $4.365739 by the end of 2027. WalletInvestor agrees with a positive forecast and predicts, in turn, $74.088 for the same period. On the other hand, TradingBeast’s team is more pessimistic — their Helium price prediction for December of this year is just $3.131943.
Potential ROI: 760% Buy

Helium Price Prediction for 2030

Speaking of long-term Helium price predictions for 2030, experts present two polar opinions. PricePrediction.net expresses the view that Helium price won’t grow further and, opposedly, will decline to $2.562499. TradingBeast’s price prediction for Helium echoes with the projection of a downtrend to $0.9807. Despite this, WalletInvestor’s vision remains positive, promising growth up to $59.2704.
Potential ROI: 562% Buy


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As it can be clear from the analysis cited above, Helium (HNT) projections are rather contradictory. There is no universal consensus either about positive or negative future HNT price movements. Indeed, the future possible growth depends on various factors: announcements, new technological solutions of the Helium projects, the crypto environment in general, legal position, and so on. We kindly remind you that before investing in any cryptocurrency, it is essential to do your own research (DYOR).
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Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.

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