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Established in 2017 kucoin.com

KuCoin is a well-known crypto exchange. Much of KuCoin’s popularity stems from its focus on the user: it’s the “people’s exchange”, helping to drive crypto adoption by providing a fast, easy way for the ordinary users — not just the rich or tech-savvy — to buy or trade crypto.

KuCoin’s founders are early blockchain adopters. This early atmosphere of enthusiasm for crypto still drives KuCoin, as the project’s team constantly develops new features and expands its ecosystem.

KuCoin boasts wide selection of coins and good fees. And, in case you have any questions, the support is ready to help with them.

Main Features

  • Low fees: KuCoin’s fees are one of the lowest among popular crypto exchanges, making it stand out among the competition.
  • Vast variety of coins: KuCoin lists many trading pairs, including ones rarely available on other exchanges.
  • High trading volume: KuCoin’s popularity underscore both its legitimacy and good levels of liquidity available.
  • Good customer support: 24/7 service that handles any questions.
Established in 2017 kucoin.com

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