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◦ 05 Apr 2024 ◦ 4 min read

Introducing Our Newest Product – Spend Crypto

SwapSpace Introduces «Spend Crypto» – A Convenient Way to Use Cryptocurrency for Everyday Purchases, in Collaboration with Bitrefill

SwapSpace, a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product, «Spend Crypto», a comprehensive solution designed to transform the cryptocurrency experience, making it more practical and accessible for everyday use. The release of this product was made possible by the integration of a handy widget from Bitrefill.

«Spend Crypto»: A Seamless Transition from Trading to Spending

The brand-new SwapSpace product empowers users to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into real-world goods and services. By integrating Bitrefill's vast selection of gift cards and mobile top-ups into the SwapSpace ecosystem, «Spend Crypto» offers an unparalleled convenience, allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies on a wide range of products and services across thousands of retailers and service providers worldwide.

Key Features of «Spend Crypto»:

  • Expansive Marketplace: Access to thousands of gift cards from leading global retailers, entertainment services, and more. Whether you're shopping for goods on Amazon, games, or gadgets, «Spend Crypto» has something for everyone.
  • Global Availability: Bitrefill operates internationally, so you can use our services from almost anywhere in the world. It is useful for travelers who want to manage their finances with cryptocurrencies.
  • Multiple Payment Options: «Spend Crypto» provides many payment options by allowing you to pay with ETH, Bitcoin (on-chain and Lightning), Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, USDT (ERC20, TRC20, and Polygon), USDC (ERC20 and Polygon) as well as paying with your favorite coin via Binance Pay. 
  • Instant Transactions: With just a few clicks, users can instantly convert their crypto holdings into gift cards or mobile credits, streamlining spending.
  • Lightning Network: «Spend Crypto» integrates with the Lightning Network, a fast and low-cost solution for Bitcoin transactions. It means you can make Bitcoin payments with minimal fees and near-instant confirmation times

A Collaborative Effort with Bitrefill

«Spend Crypto» is a strategic collaboration between SwapSpace and Bitrefill, leveraging Bitrefill's robust infrastructure for accessing digital goods and services with SwapSpace's exchange services. Together, we are eliminating the barriers to cryptocurrency utilization, offering a practical and versatile tool for all crypto users.

«By integrating Bitrefill's services, we're not just offering our users more utility: we're also contributing to the broader acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies worldwide. It's a move that aligns perfectly with our mission at SwapSpace»Andrew Wind, CPO at SwapSpace
«At Bitrefill, we've always believed in breaking down the barriers to cryptocurrency adoption and making living on crypto possible worldwide. Partnering with SwapSpace, we see a great opportunity to extend our reach and impact, making crypto more accessible and usable for everyone, providing them the ability to spend their crypto from directly within SwapSpace»Michel Gustavsson, CBDO & Co-Founder of Bitrefill

Introducing Our Newest Product – Spend Crypto

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