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◦ 14 Jun 2024 ◦ 3 min read

SwapSpace & Nanswap Unite

SwapSpace and Nanswap Partner to Offer Superior Crypto Exchange and Trading Solutions

SwapSpace, a leading cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Nanswap, an innovative instant cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its competitive rates and extensive cryptocurrency offerings. This partnership marks a significant leap forward as SwapSpace incorporates Nanswap's state-of-the-art solutions, enhancing the trading experience for users worldwide.

Enhancing Crypto Trading with Nanswap Integration

The integration of Nanswap into SwapSpace’s platform unites the swift convenience of centralized exchanges with the robust security of decentralized platforms. Through this collaboration, SwapSpace users will benefit from Nanswap's non-custodial swap platform, offering a comprehensive array of trading options customized to their needs.

Benefits for SwapSpace users with Nanswap integration:

  • Diverse Trading Options: With over 400 cryptocurrencies available, Nanswap will provide more choice depth to SwapSpace users looking for the best exchange rates.
  • Fast Exchange: Transactions with feeless pairs are typically completed in less than a second, ensuring a swift trading experience.
  • Dynamic Fees: Benefit from dynamic fee structures that adapt to your trading needs, providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Free Nano Faucet: Access free Nano through the integrated faucet, enhancing your trading and exchange opportunities.
We are excited to partner with Nanswap to bring our users an unprecedented level of speed and diversity in crypto pairs. This collaboration elevates our platform's capabilities and provides a superior trading experienceSofia Yanis, Head of the Business Development Department at SwapSpace
The opportunity to collaborate with SwapSpace is incredibly exciting for Nanswap. Together, we're ready to redefine the boundaries of crypto exchange, empowering users with enhanced flexibility and asset controlBenjamin S. (@benskalz), Founder of Nanswap

About SwapSpace

SwapSpace is a crypto exchange aggregator with 29+ partners and 1850+ coins available for your smooth and extremely fast swaps with the best market rates and no sign-up. You can not only securely swap your assets, but also buy & sell them for fiat and spend crypto, shopping on popular marketplaces by paying with cryptocurrency.

Our platform aims to save you time and simplify the exchange process: we aggregate the swap offers from the most trustworthy crypto exchanges – you only need to pick the best option and our 24/7 support team will be here with you for any help. We pick the best — you make a choice.

About Nanswap

Nanswap is a pioneering instant cryptocurrency exchange. With no registration required, it leverages its own liquidity and connected exchanges to offer highly competitive rates for Nano and over 300 cryptocurrencies. Its transactions, especially with feeless pairs like Nano and Banano, are typically completed in under a second, allowing for the exchange of even the smallest amounts without network fees. 

SwapSpace & Nanswap Unite

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