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◦ 24 May 2024 ◦ 3 min read

SwapSpace Integrates to EGSwap

SwapSpace Partners with EGSwap and Enhances the Usability of DeFi for its Users

SwapSpace is proud to announce the new partnership with EGSwap, a decentralized multi-chain exchange (DEX). This collaboration aims to enhance users' experience with DeFi by leveraging the strengths of both projects.

Enhancing EGSwap user experience with SwapSpace API

EGSwap exchange utilizes SmartRouter technology, which scans DeFi pools and resources to provide users with the best rates across more than 30 blockchains. After integrating the SwapSpace API, EGSwap users will now have access to even more data, resulting in more favorable tariffs for their swaps.

How SwapSpace integration benefits EGSwap users

The inclusion of the SwapSpace API to EGSwap will bring substantial advantages for EGSwap users in three key ways:

  • Expanded network access: Users will have access to a wide range of blockchain networks, enhancing their ability to capitalize on lucrative opportunities through SwapSpace service providers.
  • Improved exchange rates: With the introduction of new service providers through SwapSpace API, users can expect better rates for certain currency pairs, increasing the potential for higher profits and more cost-effective transactions.
  • Seamless integration: The SwapSpace API seamlessly integrates with EGSwap's existing functions and interface, ensuring a smooth and friendly user experience.
"Our partnership with EGSwap is our first experience working with a decentralized exchange (DEX), and we are looking forward to expanding cooperation and adding new options in the future. By combining our strengths, we can provide users with an unparalleled trading experience, offering the best exchange rates and the most advanced features."Sofia Yanis, CBDO of SwapSpace
"This integration with SwapSpace aims to provide EGSwap users with even more information and benefits, including deeper liquidity and a wider range of tokens, chains, and pairs, which perfectly aligns with our mission to offer users the most secure, convenient, and profitable cryptocurrency exchange."EGWizard, Lead Developer of EGSwap


About SwapSpace

SwapSpace is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator with 25 partners and over 1750 coins available for seamless and extremely fast swaps at the best market rates, all without requiring sign-up. You can not only securely swap your assets but also buy and sell them for fiat currency. Additionally, you can spend cryptocurrency while shopping on popular marketplaces.

Our platform aims to save you time and simplify the exchange process. We aggregate swap offers from the most trustworthy crypto exchanges. You only need to choose the best option, and our 24/7 support team will be available to assist you with any help you may need. We pick the best — you make a choice.

About EGSwap

EGSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) developed by EG, enabling users to exchange tokens across various blockchains such as Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain. Via its SmartRouter technology, EGSwap searches multiple DeFi pools and resources to ensure that users always receive the best possible rates, without the need for manual price comparisons or complex trading interfaces. EGSwap also offers cross-chain swaps and private trading with zero gas fees via its EGSpectre app which is also available as a Telegram Bot. 

SwapSpace Integrates to EGSwap

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