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Xai Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Xai, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Xai price chart and other stats, such as Xai market cap.


XAI 24H HIGH $0.70885025344922


XAI MARKET CAP $684,076,845.28




XAI 24H LOW $0.62848283924309


XAI PRICE $0.66731219267705


XAI 24H VOLUME $13,554,013.466

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Xai Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Xai, as well as Xai price history.

What is Xai?

XAI, a gaming blockchain, is constructed as the inaugural Layer3 (L3) on Arbitrum. Functioning as a decentralized platform, XAI empowers traditional gamers to engage in open trade, facilitating the exchange of in-game items across their favorite games without the need for direct interaction with crypto wallets. The XAI network operates on principles of openness and decentralization, enabling anyone to operate a node, receive network rewards, and participate in governance.

Xai was conceived with the vision of enabling real economies and open trade in the next era of video games. Its groundbreaking approach allows potentially billions of traditional gamers to own and trade valuable in-game items within their favorite games, all without the necessity of dealing with crypto wallets. The Xai network invites everyone to contribute by operating a node, providing opportunities for receiving network rewards, and engaging in governance. Developed by Offchain Labs, Xai leverages Arbitrum technology.

The primary goal of Xai is to introduce hundreds of millions of traditional gamers to blockchain gaming for the first time. This is achieved by abstracting away the complexities of wallets, offering a swift, low-friction gaming experience, and delivering the advantages of blockchain technology, including open trade, interoperability, composability, and item ownership.

Addressing prevalent issues in the gaming and blockchain space, XAI provides solutions:

Scalability: Leveraging Layer3 technology, XAI achieves scalability to accommodate hundreds of millions of users without compromising interoperability, composability, or security.

Gas Fee Mitigation: XAI tackles the challenge of gas fees in blockchain gaming by implementing an innovative gas subsidy contract, eliminating fees. This approach facilitates low-friction in-game actions, fostering the growth of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Wallet Interaction Ease: Recognizing the hurdles faced by traditional gamers in managing cryptocurrency wallets, XAI seamlessly integrates wallets into the backend of the gaming experience. This not only simplifies onboarding but also streamlines overall usage.

Stability: XAI ensures the stability of its blockchain network through robust AnyTrust technology and optimized smart contract execution. This commitment provides a secure and reliable environment for gaming enthusiasts.

While the previous generation of blockchain gaming ecosystems established the presence of blockchain in the broader gaming landscape, Xai recognizes the need for greater scale in blockchain gaming. The core value of Xai lies in simplifying the entry of traditional gamers into the world of blockchain gaming, emphasizing a delightful and low-friction user experience as a fundamental principle of the project.

The Sentry Node operates as an observation node, vigilantly monitoring the Xai rollup protocol. Its primary function is to identify any inaccuracies in proposed blocks. In the event of detecting an incorrect block, the Sentry Node promptly raises an alarm, notifying its operator through their chosen means. This alert system allows for swift intervention by others. The overarching objective of Sentry nodes is to address the verifier's dilemma, enhancing the security and accuracy of the Xai rollup protocol.

Key Data:

  • Total revenue generated exceeded $20 million in just three weeks.
  • Over $2.5 million in rewards has been distributed to referral partners.
  • More than 30,000 keys have been sold.
  • At least 5,000 wallets have purchased a minimum of 1 key.
  • The network boasts an active participation of over 5,000 nodes. 

"Final Form" marks the inaugural game developed by Ex Populus, set for deployment on the Xai Blockchain and publication by the Xai Foundation. This immersive gaming experience combines high-frequency deck building and auto-battles seamlessly integrated with Rogue-Lite mechanics. Anticipated for launch in April 2024, "Final Form" offers players an engaging and dynamic gaming environment.

XAI stands out as a prominent GameFi project operating on the Arbitrum network, strategically targeting not only users within the crypto market but also traditional gamers.

In collaboration with influential partners such as Offchain Labs, Team Secret, MIX, Rug Radio, Camelot, Rarible, Thirdweb, and LayerZero, XAI is actively working towards building a diverse range of products on its platform.

The initial six months play a pivotal role in establishing a growth trajectory, driven by the well-thought-out tokenomics design, with the token supply expected to reach approximately 50% of the total circulating supply within six months of listing. This period emphasizes the significance of achieving a reasonable and potentially profitable initial valuation, making early investment consideration worthwhile.

Furthermore, assessing the quality of games within the ecosystem is crucial. Factors such as a robust user base, engaging gameplay, and the potential for FOMO (fear of missing out) regarding items and NFTs contribute to the overall evaluation of the project's potential.

The XAI token holds various utilities within the ecosystem:

Gas Fees: A portion of the token is directly burned, effectively reducing the overall supply.

Conversion to esXAI: $XAI can be converted into esXAI.

Staking Options:

Staking esXAI: Enhances yield for node operators.

Staking XAI for Special Events and NFTs: Stake $XAI to participate in special events and acquire NFTs from games built on the XAI blockchain.

Staking XAI for DAO Voting: Participate in DAO voting by staking $XAI.

The XAI token has a max supply of 2,500,000,000 XAI. 3% of this supply (75,000,000 XAI) is allocated to the launchpool token rewards. Initial Circulating Supply: 277,118,150 XAI (approximately 11.08% of the total token supply).

The Average Fees on the Side Shift

The XAI blockchain prioritizes low gas fees, with a focus on providing convenience and cost savings for players.

The XAI Token Wallets 

The XAI tokens can be stored in various crypto wallets, including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, Coinbase, Torus, iToken Wallet, Binance, Atomic Wallet, Frontier Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Math Wallet, etc. 

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