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Kiba Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Kiba, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Kiba price chart and other stats, such as Kiba market cap.


KIBA 24H HIGH $0.00000202498712






KIBA 24H LOW $0.00000185727351


KIBA PRICE $0.00000199759964


KIBA 24H VOLUME $8,363.027

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Kiba Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of kibabsc, as well as kibabsc price history.

What is Kiba?

Kiba Inu is a community-driven ERC-20 token with an anime-themed meme ecosystem. The token takes inspiration from Kiba Inuzuka, a character from the Naruto anime/manga series known for loyalty and protection of comrades. The project aims to create a strong and supportive community that grows together while ensuring the integrity of the meme space.

The project is community-driven, with a focus on long-term sustainability and growth through community engagement. It describes itself as a meme coin, embracing the fun and organic development associated with meme coins. The platform plans to enhance community engagement, promote real-world use cases, and explore NFTs as part of its future developments.

Kiba Inu boasts one of the most robust memecoin communities, with a prominent presence and recognition across Twitter and Telegram platforms.

Kiba Inu started in October 2021. At the outset, Kiba Inu featured a distinctive contract enabling an early sell tax, imposing higher taxes on those who sold within 24 hours of their initial purchase. However, in response to evolving trends, the tax structure for the coin underwent changes. Kiba Inu ultimately eliminated the early sell tax, opting for a simplified approach with a 6% sell tax while no longer applying a buy tax.

Kiba Inu emphasizes complete transparency in all transactions and operations, fostering trust among its community and stakeholders. The project advocates for a fair price structure for NFT auctions, token holders, and token prices.

KibaSwap is a cryptocurrency exchange integrated with Kiba Inu, designed to facilitate Ethereum-based transactions. It offers features like KibaFomo, Honeypot Checker, KibaTools, and KibaReports.

KibaFomo serves as a token tracker, continuously updating and listing the most recent coins across Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum blockchain, Polygon chain, and other networks. This valuable data empowers users to make early coin purchases before potential price surges.

The Honeypot Checker is an essential safety feature within the ecosystem. It rigorously tests the legitimacy of smart contracts, running a code analysis to promptly alert users about potential "honeypot" scams.

Kiba Inu extends its utility through KibaTools, a comprehensive suite of functionalities. These include the ability to mint new tokens, implement token locks, secure liquidity, and facilitate ICOs, offering a versatile toolkit for project development and management.

April 2021 marked a significant milestone for the project. During this month, a remarkable achievement was reached as 100 billion KIBA tokens were successfully burned. Additionally, the project achieved listings on Gate.io and BKEX Global, further expanding its reach. It's worth noting that the token was also listed on PancakeSwap, BitMart, and MEXC. Furthermore, the project demonstrated its prowess by facilitating transactions valued at over $10 million through its distinctive feature, the KIBA Swap.

in 2022, the Kiba Inu project team put forth significant marketing efforts for the token. Notably, the logo was prominently featured on all TeamBRIT racing livery in the popular racing game, PlayStation GranTurismo7. Additionally, a partnership was proudly announced with ZagMBB for the entire 2022/23 season, marking the first-ever collaboration between a memecoin and an NCAA basketball team. Moreover, a unique opportunity arose as the team joined forces with Lakers and RealLamarOdom to offer a chance to win 2 BOX SEAT tickets for any LA Lakers game of your choice, making it a remarkable year for the project's marketing endeavors.

In March 2023 the team unveiled a roadmap for 2023, featuring an exciting addition: a suite of Telegram bots designed to offer users valuable tools and insights pertaining to the Kiba token and its broader ecosystem. Among these, our Telegram buy/sell bot will empower users to effortlessly purchase and sell tokens directly through Telegram, eliminating the need for website-based swaps. Furthermore, in the near future, the team plans to introduce an array of additional features to the bot, including snipe, copytrade, buy, and sell token functionalities.

The official project team announced that the Kiba game will soon become accessible on the Epic Store.

The native token of Kiba Inu is called KIBA, which is used for buying and selling NFTs within the ecosystem. KIBA exists as a token on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of the token is 1000 billion, and as of September 19, 2023, the circulating supply is 826.91B (self-reported).

Average Fees for Kiba Inu

Each purchase or sale transaction incurs a 9% fee, with a 1% portion allocated to redistribution, rewarding holders and bolstering their holdings. The remaining 8% is allocated for marketing and buybacks, a pivotal strategy aimed at expanding our community of holders and attracting significant new investors. This approach plays a crucial role in our growth and development.

Most of the exchanges offer around 0.2% fees to transact and exchange the KIBA token, while allowing to deposit it for free.

The fees related to the KIBA token might also vary depending on the token network (Ethereum or BSC).

KIBA Token Wallets

KIBA tokens can be stored in a wide variety ofpopular crypto wallets, including MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, Ledger Nano S/X, Trezor, Token Pocket, Torus, Coinbase, iToken Wallet, imToken, OKX Wallet, Assure Wallet, SimpleHold Wallet, Portis, Freewallet, Fortmatic, Coin98, FIL Wallet, etc. 

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