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Good Games Guild Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your Good Games Guild, we gathered some cold hard numbers: Good Games Guild price chart and other stats, such as Good Games Guild market cap.


GGG 24H HIGH $0.05996143360652


GGG MARKET CAP $5,520,207.823




GGG 24H LOW $0.05327825949488


GGG PRICE $0.05520207822867


GGG 24H VOLUME $204,163.849

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Good Games Guild Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of Good Games Guild, as well as Good Games Guild price history.

What is Good Games Guild?

Good Games Guild is a gaming hub that aims to create the largest world economy by sponsoring numerous play-to-earn games, investing in those games and in-game assets, and also building tools that will enhance the future of the metaverse and gaming. The vision of the project is to offer the opportunity to everyone to earn a living through gaming. Their goal is to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem that will allow for more fairness and transparency in the industry. The project’s community already has over 25k people. 

By creating a decentralized gaming platform and introducing their own cryptocurrency, the GGG token, the team is hoping to improve the quality of games, make them more affordable, and reduce fraudulent activities. With their play-to-earn model, gamers will be able to earn tokens by playing and contributing to the gaming ecosystem.

The GGG token will facilitate transactions on their platform and allow players to earn rewards for playing games. The project focuses on three main activities in order to ensure success of the project: those include research and development, building a community, and marketing. The project is still new but is following ambitious goals to reach a $1 million daily volume on the Wen Reveal NFT marketplace. 

The features of the Good Game Guild include NFT asset utilization and monitoring, so all the funds collected by the project team during Initial Coin Offering will be utilized in the form of productive game assets which Guild can gain revenue from. The Good Games Guild Marketplace allows users to buy and sell assets related to the Game, including art and in-game assets. The project also provides its own mobile application that is used to help users, especially scholars, so they can track their achievements, ranking, and rewards obtained from the game played. It also allows the conversion of crypto into fiat currency.

By creating a decentralized gaming platform, the Good Games Guild can ensure that games are fair and that user data is kept secure and private. They also plan to introduce an incentive system so that developers have the incentive to create better-quality games. This could lead to more enjoyable experiences for players while also reducing fraudulent activities on the platform.

Another benefit of the Good Games Guild is cheaper games. By introducing a play-to-earn model and allowing players to earn tokens for playing games, players can use these tokens to purchase new games at discounted prices. This could result in more people being able to afford different types of games, which could ultimately lead to more people playing them.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of the Good Games Guild is fewer fraudulent activities. By utilizing blockchain technology, the Good Games Guild can ensure that all transactions are secure and transparent. This will help reduce fraud on their platform as well as provide more peace of mind for players regarding their user data.

The GGG cryptosystem is based on the Proof of Stake (POS) concept. In this system, the weight of a participant's vote is proportional to the number of coins he or she has deposited in the voting pool. This encourages participants to keep their GGG in a wallet with which they have voting rights.

The ecosystem of the project includes Good Games Guild, Good Games Lab, and Metaversepad. The Good Games Lab invests in technical teams that build and supports decentralized web. 

GGG is the native utility token of the project. It is used to reward active users and pay fees for the transactions on the platform and the marketplace. Holding the GG token also provides users with governance rights. The total supply of the GGG token is 100 million coins that are being released according to the preset schedule. All the coins are to be released within 48 weeks after Token Generation Event. 

Average Fees on Good Games Guild

The average fees on the GGG network are 0.10%, compared to 0.30% on Bitcoin and 0.20% on Ethereum networks respectively.

The GGG Wallets 

There are a few different wallets that you can use to store your GGG tokens, including MyEtherWallet, Exodus, Ledger Nano S, Assure Wallet, MetaMask, MathWallet, SafePal, BeFi Wallet, Binance, Coinhub, OKX Wallet, Frontier Wallet, Magic Wallet, Omni Wallet, etc. 

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