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1000SATS Price Stats

To help you make a decision about exchanging your 1000SATS, we gathered some cold hard numbers: 1000SATS price chart and other stats, such as 1000SATS market cap.


1000SATS 24H HIGH $0.00030280999297


1000SATS MARKET CAP $627,311,565.069


1000SATS CIRCULATING SUPPLY 2,100,000,000,000 1000SATS

1000SATS 24H LOW

1000SATS 24H LOW $0.00024841322882


1000SATS PRICE $0.00029871979289


1000SATS 24H VOLUME $113,250,155.604

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1000SATS Price Chart

Here you can see the current price of 1000SATS, as well as 1000SATS price history.

What is 1000SATS?

The 1000SATS is an innovative cryptocurrency poised to disrupt the digital assets landscape. Launched on the foundation of lightning-fast transactions and tight-knit community governance, 1000SATS shines as a beacon of decentralization and financial inclusivity. With a fixed total supply of 21 million tokens, the 1000SATS network promises scarcity-driven value alongside seamless peer-to-peer transactions. The founders sought to create a currency that honored the ethos of Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision for Bitcoin while enhancing it with modern technological efficiencies and user-centric design.

The network operates on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, allowing holders to participate in governance and secure the blockchain by staking their tokens. This mechanism provides an eco-friendly alternative to the energy-intensive proof-of-work mining used by many other cryptocurrencies.

A unique feature of the 1000SATS protocol is the innovative "Lightning-SATS" off-chain scaling solution. Drawing inspiration from the Lightning Network, this technology allows for nearly instant, near-zero-fee transactions, making 1000SATS perfect for micropayments and everyday transactions. Bulletproofs privacy features ensure that user transactions remain confidential and fungible, further enhancing the appeal of this digital currency for privacy-conscious individuals.

Frequent software upgrades and a commitment to community-driven development keep the 1000SATS network at the forefront of innovation. Regular releases provide improved security, performance, and user experience, ensuring that 1000SATS remains a robust and reliable platform.

The main use case for 1000SATS is as a medium of exchange and store of value. With fast transaction times and negligible fees, 1000SATS is well-suited for daily transactions, including online purchases, remittances, and peer-to-peer transfers. Additionally, 1000SATS also serves as an investment vehicle and savings instrument.

The fixed supply of 21 million tokens, combined with the community's commitment to sound monetary policy, positions 1000SATS as an attractive option for those seeking to preserve and grow their wealth over time.

The utility of 1000SATS as a medium of exchange for microtransactions is further enhanced by its near-zero fee and swift transaction confirmation times. Privacy features such as Bulletproofs ensure that the details of transactions between users remain confidential and untraceable. The 1000SATS Lightning Network, designed for off-chain scaling, has significantly increased the payment efficiency of the coin. By allowing for a massive number of transactions off the main blockchain, 1000SATS network can support micro-payments, making it an attractive option for everyday transactions. Bulletproofs are a technology used in cryptography, primarily implemented in cryptocurrencies like 1000SATS, to enhance privacy and confidential transactions. They are a type of range proof, verifying that a certain range of numbers used in a transaction falls within an expected interval. Bulletproofs are used in 1000SATS to ensure the confidentiality of transactions, preventing outside observers from discerning the amount involved in a transfer. These privacy features promote fungibility and safeguard sensitive financial information. The 1000SATS Lightning Network, inspired by the Lightning Network used in Bitcoin, is an off-chain scaling solution that facilitates nearly instant, low-cost transactions. The Lightning Network circumvents the need for on-chain transactions, allowing users to exchange 1000SATS quickly and efficiently. By operating off the main blockchain, Lightning-SATS significantly enhances the scalability and transaction speed of 1000SATS. The solid security of the 1000SATS network is maintained through regular audits performed by reputable security firms, assuring users that their digital assets are stored safely. By external oversight, the 1000SATS network demonstrates its commitment to transparency, reliability, and quality assurance. The protocol includes innovative features like Bulletproofs and Lightning-SATS, which strengthen privacy and transaction speed, respectively, while its commitment to DEFI promotes financial inclusion and accessibility. The 1000SATS network adheres to the principles of decentralization from governance to privacy, ensuring that users can participate actively and securely. By developing cross-chain compatibility, the 1000SATS network has expanded its reach, enabling interoperability with other blockchain-based networks. The ability to communicate across different blockchains enhances the versatility of 1000SATS and opens up possibilities for novel cross-blockchain applications and developments. Built on a solid foundation of community governance, environmental responsibility, and cutting-edge technology, the 1000SATNetwork. Furthermore, constant open-sourcing ensures that any individual can contribute to 1000SATS network development and improvement. including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and various others. This compatibility greatly enhances the liquidity of 1000SATS, providing users with more options for utilizing and trading their tokens. 1000SATS is a cryptocurrency with promising technology that can significantly improve the efficiency and accessibility of everyday financial transactions. With a committed community and innovative features, 1000SATS is poised to grow and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized finance.何What is 1000SATS?1000SATS is a comparatively novel COIN digital token that generates the revolutionalized financial market. Based on the evolution of the blockchain, 1000SATS is set to change the financial landscapes for transactions. Derived from technical audits of the financial market coupled with feasibility study on the fast-evolving world of innovation and technology, the 1000SATS serves as an integral component dictating the merchantability of the blockchain. 1000SATS COIN.1000SATS COIN, a core, functional, and voluptuous product of the 1000SATS network, was created with the primary aim of providing immediate and low cost transactions to its users. An avenue where users can exchange digital assets uniquely with no delays. 1000SATS crypto.One of the distinctive features of the 1000SATS is the rewarding system, a racy initiative program that provides bonuses and incentives to every good valuable contract that wins.1000SATS average network handling fees were fixed at PALTRY 0.1 and $1 in numbers, an equivalent value of the gas fee charge. It equivalently charged network users to ensure transactions are promptly approved without lagging.1000SATS wallets.A cloud wallet such as the Binance app wallet can be used. In addition MetaMask mobile wallet, an online wallet & a browser extenssion are used. Moreover, the Phone wallet and Trust Wallet 100

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