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You can buy JASMY for USD and other fiat currencies here at SwapSpace! We provide an easy way to do that via one of our partners, such as Mercuryo, Guardarian, or Simplex, with a few simple steps right on this page. You can also look at JasmyCoin price dynamics and history, get some answers to your questions, and find some useful links to read more about what is JASMY.


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JASMY price can be volatile. You can see the history of price changes in the cryptocurrency price chart below to help you make the best decision while considering buying crypto.

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What is JasmyCoin crypto?

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is the cryptocurrency initiative stemming from Tokyo-based Internet of Things (IoT) provider Jasmy Corporation. Specializing in the exchange of data, the Jasmy platform interconnects two key entities: service providers and data users, within the larger framework of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things involves integrating mechanical and digital components with unique identifiers capable of transmitting data. The project aims to offer a conducive environment for companies to implement and deploy ready-to-use IoT projects effortlessly.

Established with the fundamental principle of data democracy, Jasmy seeks to uphold every individual's right to enhanced personal data security. The platform was created by merging IoT technology with blockchain, providing users with absolute control over their personal information. The primary objective is to foster a secure ecosystem where users can seamlessly and trustlessly exchange data among IoT devices such as computers, cars, and phones, alongside decentralized protocols.

JASMY was launched on October 26, 2021, through the Japanese exchange BITPoint Japan. Spearheaded by a team featuring Kunitake Ando as the representative director, Kazumasa Sato as president & CEO, Masanobu Yoshida as vice president & CTO, and Hiroshi Harada as CFO, the platform entered the market under their leadership. 

At its core, Jasmy strives to create an environment that empowers users to effortlessly, securely, and smoothly leverage data. The developers at Jasmy are committed to shaping an infrastructure that offers a robust foundation, an instinctive interface, and a secure space for both storing and sharing data. Within the Jasmy ecosystem, information undergoes a transformative process, evolving into personal assets.

Facilitating the exchange of data, the Jasmy platform serves as a nexus, uniting service providers and data users within the expansive realm of IoT. This convergence incorporates mechanical and digital components, each endowed with a distinctive identifier and data transmission capabilities.

Data files are stored within a decentralized network, with only hash values being overseen on the blockchain. This innovative approach tackles the shortcomings of a standalone blockchain system, addressing issues such as the inability to handle large files in a single block and the potential slowdown in approval speed caused by hefty file sizes.

Users wield control over their data, akin to managing a personal wallet or a secure deposit box. Leveraging Jasmy's unique blockchain technology adds an extra layer of security – data remains immune to tampering or theft, and the entire journey of data usage is traceable.

Furthermore, the application of personal data lockers presents a practical scenario where call centers, for instance, no longer need to burden themselves with excess records. This not only ensures efficient information management but also results in smoother, higher-quality responses. 

To decentralize the workflow, Jasmy employs edge computing and stores data on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The project's philosophy revolves around the democratization of data through a decentralized model, ensuring secure ownership by individuals. This approach allows service providers to enhance their offerings by leveraging user-owned data, thereby creating a symbiotic relationship between users and service providers within the Jasmy ecosystem.

On Jasmy companies must be transparent with individuals about how they plan to use personal data, seeking permission and offering rewards in return for the data. Tangible rewards help individuals understand the value of their data, encouraging them to share it with companies. Higher rewards for better-quality data promote awareness and consciousness among data producers. This democratic approach to personal data usage fosters a broader understanding of its value, making both individuals and companies more conscious of the ecosystem as they collect and utilize data.

Users on the Jasmy platform possess digital personal data lockers within Jasmy's distributed storage to safeguard their data. These lockers ensure the secure storage of files through a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Among the platform's offerings is the SKC (Secure Knowledge Communicator), a product designed to achieve data democratization. It functions as a personalized data locker, providing users with exclusive control and management capabilities. SKC incorporates identity verification techniques, such as KYC, to enhance security.

Another integral product within Jasmy's suite is the Smart Guardian (SG), facilitating the straightforward and secure registration of IoT devices on the distributed network. This establishes an environment accessible solely by the devices' rightful owners.

The platform's native token, JASMY, has the ERC-20 token standard on the Ethereum platform. JASMY serves as proof of value exchange and can be utilized for payments related to assignments and services within the platform's ecosystem.

The JASMY token has a total supply of 50 billion, and as of November 29, 2023, the circulating supply is 49,299,999,876 JASMY. 

JASMY token is listed on numerous centralized and decentralized exchanges, such as KuKoin, Binance,  Huobi Global, Coinbase Exchange, Gate.io, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Bybit, Bittrex, Kraken, Binance TR, LBank, MEXC, ZB.COM, Crypto.com Exchange, and can be purchased from there. 

The average fees on the Jasmy?

Transaction fees for JASMY, being an ERC-20 token, will follow the standard Ethereum transaction fee structure.

The JASMY token wallets 

JASMY can be stored in a wide variety of crypto wallets, including Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Ledger, imToken, Torus, Coinbase, TokenPocket, imToken Wallet, Coinhub, BRD Wallet, SimpleHoldWallet, etc. 

How to Buy JASMY on SwapSpace


On this page, we put USD in the “You send” and JASMY in the “You get” sections in the widget. USD is the default, but you can choose your preferred fiat currency. Put in the amount of fiat you want to spend. Next, press the ”View offers” button and choose a provider.

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Fill in the “Enter the recipient address” field with the destination JasmyCoin address. Check the information carefully and click the “Next” button. After reading the special terms and conditions in the next window, click “Next” again.

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At this point, you will either see our partner’s widget or be redirected to another page, depending on the chosen provider. You will be asked to verify your identity, as this is standard practice for the services that work with fiat money. Follow the provider’s instructions on the screen.

Buy Crypto Step 3

After completing the KYC procedure, fill in your credit card information. At this point, everything is in place and your transaction will start.

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Wait for the transaction to process. You’ll see a message when it’s completed. A window with your transaction details will also appear; from there, you can also create another crypto-fiat exchange.

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If you’re still just considering buying crypto with a credit or debit card, you can use the widget to play around with our cryptocurrency converter: just put in the amount of USD, EUR, or other fiat currency you're willing to spend and see how much JASMY you can buy with it.

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