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You can buy HEX for USD and other fiat currencies here at SwapSpace! We provide an easy way to do that via one of our partners, such as Mercuryo, Guardarian, or Simplex, with a few simple steps right on this page. You can also look at HEX price dynamics and history, get some answers to your questions, and find some useful links to read more about what is HEX.


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HEX Live Price Chart

HEX price can be volatile. You can see the history of price changes in the cryptocurrency price chart below to help you make the best decision while considering buying crypto.

Here you can see the current HEX price and the HEX price historical data.

What is HEX Crypto?

Hex is a blockchain-based high-interest savings account that allows users to earn interest by locking up their HEX tokens for a certain period. It's designed to be a time deposit where users can stake their HEX and receive interest in return. HEX refers to itself as a "high-interest blockchain time deposit" or a "certificate of deposit on the blockchain." This terminology is used to draw parallels between HEX and traditional financial instruments known as certificates of deposit (CDs).

HEX is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and it's often referred to as a high-interest savings account. It was created by Richard Heart and launched in late 2019. The primary feature of HEX is its staking mechanism, where users can lock up their HEX tokens for a specified period, ranging from days to years.

Richard Heart is a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency space, known for his strong opinions and outspoken nature. Before HEX, Richard was involved in various ventures, including self-help books, online marketing, and cryptocurrency education. He gained attention for his critical views on traditional finance and his advocacy for Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

HEX was launched on December 2, 2019, through a free claim for Bitcoin holders. Bitcoin holders could claim HEX based on the amount of Bitcoin they held during a specific snapshot period. In addition to the free claim, HEX had a mechanism called the "Adoption Amplifier," where users could send Ethereum to a smart contract to receive HEX in return. This served as a way for people to acquire HEX through daily auctions.

HEX has faced criticism and skepticism from various parts of the cryptocurrency community. Some concerns include the distribution model, marketing practices, and the overall legitimacy of the project. Richard Heart's involvement and his communication style have also contributed to the polarized opinions surrounding HEX.

Traditional CDs typically offer fixed interest rates for the duration of the deposit (that can be of any length between 1 and 5555 days). In HEX, the interest rates are algorithmically determined based on the staking duration and the overall amount of HEX staked in the system. Rewards can be claimed by running the code once again. The magnitude of rewards is determined by the duration of your commitment to wait—Longer Pays Better. The average APY for HEX mining is 38%. Picture yourself minting HEX rewards as the HEX price ascends, a double win.

The longer the staking period, the higher the potential interest rate. The interest earned is generated through the issuance of new HEX tokens, which are distributed to stakers based on their stake duration and size. This mechanism is designed to encourage long-term holding. Early unstaking or emergency unstaking may result in penalties, discouraging users from withdrawing their funds before the end of the chosen staking period.

While the intended purpose of staking is to encourage long-term holding, HEX allows for emergency unstaking. However, early or emergency unstaking may result in penalties. Penalties are distributed to other stakers, providing an additional incentive for users to honor their commitment and not unstake prematurely.

The HEX Staker Class is divided into nine Leagues: Poseidons, Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, Squids, Turtles, Crabs, Shrimps, and Shells. To qualify as a Dolphin, a Staker needs at least 0.01% of all global T-Shares. A Turtle requires 0.001%, a Crab needs 0.0001%, and so on. This approach gamifies the process of acquiring more and more T-Shares.

HEX stands out as the initial cryptocurrency featuring a predefined chart of its future locked supply. It enables observation of when prominent miners intend to cease mining. Utilize this information to strategize and mint rewards during periods when others are less inclined to do so.

HEX utilizes an Automated Market Maker (AMM) to facilitate trading and liquidity within the HEX ecosystem.

The HEX community refers to its members as Hexagons. There's an active community on various platforms discussing and promoting HEX. Development updates and improvements to the HEX smart contract are communicated through official channels, and the project has seen ongoing development since its launch.

HEX has an Adoption Amplifier, where users can obtain HEX by sending ETH to a smart contract during a daily auction period.

The Average Fees On HEX 

The biggest challenge of HEX is the unstaking fees. They can vary based on network conditions, gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain, and the specific smart contract functions involved in the unstaking process.

The transaction fees for HEX are tied to the Ethereum network, as HEX operates on the Ethereum blockchain. So sers can expect the unstaking fees for HEX transactions to be influenced by the prevailing Ethereum gas fees. Ethereum gas fees can vary based on network congestion and demand for computational resources.

The HEX Token Wallets 

As an ERC-20 token, HEX can be stored in any Ethereum-compatible wallet, including MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano S/X, Trezor, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, imToken, Cipher Browser, Parity, Guarda Wallet, etc. 

How to Buy HEX on SwapSpace


On this page, we put USD in the “You send” and HEX in the “You get” sections in the widget. USD is the default, but you can choose your preferred fiat currency. Put in the amount of fiat you want to spend. Next, press the ”View offers” button and choose a provider.

Buy Crypto Step 1

Fill in the “Enter the recipient address” field with the destination HEX address. Check the information carefully and click the “Next” button. After reading the special terms and conditions in the next window, click “Next” again.

Buy Crypto Step 2

At this point, you will either see our partner’s widget or be redirected to another page, depending on the chosen provider. You will be asked to verify your identity, as this is standard practice for the services that work with fiat money. Follow the provider’s instructions on the screen.

Buy Crypto Step 3

After completing the KYC procedure, fill in your credit card information. At this point, everything is in place and your transaction will start.

Buy Crypto Step 4

Wait for the transaction to process. You’ll see a message when it’s completed. A window with your transaction details will also appear; from there, you can also create another crypto-fiat exchange.

Buy Crypto Step 5

Convert Fiat to Crypto Now

If you’re still just considering buying crypto with a credit or debit card, you can use the widget to play around with our cryptocurrency converter: just put in the amount of USD, EUR, or other fiat currency you're willing to spend and see how much HEX you can buy with it.

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