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Buy Aptos with a Credit Card

You can buy APT for USD and other fiat currencies here at SwapSpace! We provide an easy way to do that via our partner Mercuryo with a few simple steps right on this page. You can also look at Aptos price dynamics and history, get some answers to your questions, and find some useful links to read more on what is APT.


Buy Crypto with Fiat Now

Aptos Live Price Chart

APT price can be volatile. You can see the history of price changes in the cryptocurrency price chart below to help you make the best decision while considering buying crypto.

As you can see, the current Aptos price is 13.25324. In any case, whether you want to buy the dip or just want to buy APT for your personal needs - we got you!

How to Buy APT on SwapSpace


On this page, we put USD in the “You send” and APT in the “You get” section in the widget. USD is the default, but you can choose your preferred fiat currency. Put in the amount of fiat you want to spend. Next, press the ”View offers” button: at the moment, we just have one partner for buying crypto, but we plan to expand the pool in the future.

Buy Crypto Step 1

Fill in the “Enter the recipient address” field with the destination Aptos address. Check the information carefully and click the “Next” button. After reading special terms and conditions in the next window, click “Next” again.

Buy Crypto Step 2

The Mercuryo widget will appear in the window at that point, asking you to complete the steps necessary for all the fiat-crypto exchanges and transfer the funds from your card. Follow the instructions on the screen. You can also read our detailed tutorial here.

Buy Crypto Step 3

Wait for the transaction to process. You’ll see a message when it’s completed. A window with your transaction details will also appear; from there, you can also create another crypto-fiat exchange.

Buy Crypto Step 4

Convert Fiat to Crypto Now

If you’re still just considering buying crypto with a credit or debit card, you can use the widget to play with our cryptocurrency converter: just put the amount of APT you want and see how much USD, EUR, or other fiat currency it will cost you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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