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What is Shimbo?

Shimbo is a B2B service that allows customers of different crypto startups to exchange different coins instantly. Easy-to-integrate API allows startups to focus on the development of their own products because they already have an exchange solution.

We are constantly improving our trading algorithms, expanding the number of supported pairs for exchanges and using the latest blockchain solutions to increase the stability and efficiency of our system. We make the exchange process fast, providing the best exchange rates for every crypto pair.

Our team of experienced blockchain developers made our API especially useful for crypto projects that are looking for a service with secure transactions and favorable exchange rates. Your customers can use our service without registration or verification on Shimbo. 

Main features

  • No registration or verification required, both for partners and customers.
  • Shimbo’s API is easy to use and designed to make the exchange process as fast as possible.
  • Shimbo has a very strong customer support and has proven to help even in the most complicated cases.
  • Our API can be used like a white label solution which means you don’t need to mention our company's name and utilize it under your own brand.

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