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What is DeFi?

DeFi is short for “decentralized finance” – a financial product with no central authority. It is issued on a decentralized blockchain and secured by its protocols itself, which grants users the opportunity to buy, sell, lend, or borrow such coins without middlemen. DeFi emerged and went mainstream in 2020 and remain to disrupt the market in 2021 – that’s why they attract many as an investment opportunity.

How to invest in DeFi?

To invest in DeFi, turn to one of three ways to get it. Go for yield farming or try earning interest on lending services if you already have a decent amount of crypto. Or choose the trading option: sign up for a DeFi exchange or just buy your coins without registration on SwapSpace.

How to find the best DeFi Rates?

To find the best DeFi rates on SwapSpace, select the coins you would like to exchange in the drop-down menu, it does not matter if you want to swap your DeFi coins for another DeFi or traditional cryptocurrency. Next, you will see the list of exchange options for your decentralized coins. Choose the exchange variant you like the most, and then go for it! To exchange DeFi via SwapSpace, you don’t need to register or compare the rates on different exchanges.

Best DeFi Exchanges

SwapSpace combines the exchange rates from 10+ major non-custodial exchanges that provide DeFi exchange options. Compare best DeFi exchanges’ rates and ratings onscreen and exchange your favorite coins instantly in a few clicks!

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