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V Systems

V Systems is a coin on a blockchain project with the main focus on database and cloud services.

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What Is V Systems?

V Systems is a coin on a blockchain project with the main focus on database and cloud services. The project strives to provide the world's first general-purpose object-oriented distributed database capable of supporting complex decentralized applications. The network can also support efficient and agile development of a vast variety of applications, like DeFi deployment, entertainment, social media, and tokenization.

The VSYS coin is used for transactions, staking, and minting within the eponymous network. Its use-cases also include contract instantiation and execution, as well as platform governance with the help of the SPoS mechanism. Starting with the genesis block in 2018, there are 284 million VSYS coins produced every year with the help of Supernode Minting, regulated by an annual inflation rate of about five percent. 

Pros and Cons of V Systems

Advantages of VSYS

The VSYS coin is developed by Sunny King, notoriously known for his previous projects – Peercoin and Primecoin. The core development team consists of experts who have previously worked at Oracle, VMware, Google, and other major technology companies. Their expertise leads the users to believe that the coin is worth their attention. VSYS has moved up to a favorable position within the top-200 cryptocurrencies and continues to do so, also presented on a large number of exchanges.

Disadvantages of VSYS

The full power of the VSYS coin within the ecosystem is yet to be observed and depends on the use-cases it will implement in the future. The technology is rather complicated and will only prove its reliability as time passes.

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