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What Is Storm?

Storm is a microtask platform that allows earning cryptocurrencies for fulfilling simple tasks such as participating in surveys, tasting new products, etc. The project promotes the increase of global freelancer marketplaces.

Storm was originally a decentralized freelance platform created in 2017. The main idea of its developers was to unite employers and performers from different countries to make secure transactions using smart contracts. Storm cryptocurrency was released within the platform.

Using Storm, you can find the specialist for the job and choose from a huge selection of orders in all areas of expertise offered for executors. 

For completing tasks, users receive a reward in the form of system points, which can be converted into Storm token and sent to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Pros and Cons of Storm

Like any currency, Storm has its pros and cons. The most significant are considered below.

Advantages of Storm crypto

Tokens are implemented on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts, which guarantees a high level of security and a certain limit of trust from the crypto community.

For completing tasks on the service, blocks are awarded and can be exchanged for Storm tokens, as well as for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Although it is possible to improve your employer rating with earning Storm tokens.

Disadvantages of Storm crypto

Storm was made for internal settlements on the freelance service, that’s why the breadth of its use is not great. But you always can exchange Storm for any other currencies.

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