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Reserve Rights


What Is Reserve Rights?

The Reserve Rights token is a part of the Reserve Protocol, which consists of two tokens: the Reserve token (RSV) and the Reserve Rights token (RSR). The RSV token is a decentralized stablecoin that allows the Reserve stablecoin to remain stable and confers the cryptographic rights to purchase extra Reserve tokens when the network grows accordingly. Those within the Reserve movement believe in a world where anyone should be able to have access to stable fiat currencies, and that cryptocurrencies can do better than fiat money. The end goal is to be the replacement for the fiat-currency that many unstable currencies are currently using. It’s the answer for countries like Venezuela where hyperinflation hit their national currency. 

When holding the RSR token, you can profit from arbitrage trading. Since the RSR token is directly linked with the RSV token, there is a ton of opportunities when the value of the RSV stablecoin rises above $1. For example, when the value of RSV is $1.05, anyone who holds RSR could then purchase $1.05 worth of RSV for just $1 through the Reserve smart contract and head back to the exchange. The moment they sell their RSV tokens on the exchange, they just profit five cents per token. This opportunity arises every time the value of the RSV token is above the $1 mark. Besides that, there are risks and benefits of holding the RSR token since deflation and inflation can happen based on the value of the RSV token.

Pros and Cons of Reserve Rights

Let’s have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of Reserve Rights.

Advantages of Reserve Rights

  • All-Star team with employees from IBM, Tesla, and Hashgraph
  • Strong ambitions to become a global currency
  • Backed by investors like Peter Thiel and Sam Altman
  • Decentralized 

Disadvantages of Reserve Rights

  • Competitive market with dozens of other stablecoins
  • Strongly dependant on market conditions and vulnerable for malicious activity

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