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Radium is a cryptocurrency using Proof of Stake technology as its core element.

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What Is Radium?

Radium is a cryptocurrency using Proof of Stake technology as its core element. It performs multiple utility functions that include decentralized voting and elections, digital signature, proof of ownership, custom assets, and identity management. Consequently, it can be used in different fields, to name a few: BitTorrent Ransomware, Government and General Elections, Microsoft Office Integration, and Asset Tracking.

RADS is viewed by its developers as a coin made for the community specifically so there was no ICO, no premine or presale of this coin. Users can get rewards for POS in the amount of 0.50 RADS. Radium is also a deflationary asset since it has a maximum total supply of 9 million coins. There are approximately 3.58 Million RADS circulating at the moment of writing this article. It is available on multiple exchanges such as Bittrex, Livecoin, Upbit, as well as numerous swaps.

Pros and Cons of Radium

Advantages of Radium

Radium expands the use-cases of crypto and takes it further than just conventional financial operations. The website is comprehensive and covers all the bases regarding RADS. The developers have stressed numerous times the value of community and put extra emphasis on it, proven by their activity on social media. The team has also set goals for years to go. Another advantage is that there are no whales that could accumulate large numbers of RADS and control the market. The project also has partners like IBM and The University of Texas at Arlington which inspires confidence in the project. According to CoinMarketCap, presently there’s also a high return on investment on RADS and it currently is within the top-1100 cryptocurrencies out there with the prospect of further development.

Disadvantages of Radium

The project is relatively young and the RADS coin has seen some fluctuations in its price throughout its development. Radium is also neither the first nor the last to implement ideas like digital identities and signatures or custom assets. It’s a long way for Radium to climb up the popularity ladder, facing many competitors on its way.

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