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What Is Po.et?

Po.et ERC-20 Token is the token belonging to a platform under the same name. It is a collective universal ledger designed to track ownership and attribution for worldwide digital content. Its main goal is to solve problems regarding content ownership. With the help of numerous protocols and applications, Po.et curates multiple assets as one decentralized ledger.  

The eponymous Po.et token (or POE) is supposed to be used to build incentives around the curation of content and claims on the platform. POE also helps raise funds for the long-term development of the Po.et Foundation and provide a mechanism to incentivize and reward early investors that positively contribute to the Po.et network.

Pros and Cons of Po.et

Advantages of Po.etToken

Po.et provides a number of benefits for content creators, publishers, and consumers by eliminating all the complexities of licensing the content. The team and advisors are well-known and competent and the project is intriguing and useful even for people outside the crypto world. Based on the FAQ, they are also open to innovation and welcome new developers and their ideas. 

Disadvantages of Po.et Token

The Po.et developers themselves say that their main focus, for now, isare parts of the platform that don't use the tokens and the users are also not obligated to have it. They say in multiple parts of the FAQ that POE is not that necessary for now to power the platform which raises a question why use it at all. They also mention that they don’t necessarily deal with plagiarism as their main goal. POE is also listed on a few exchanges and needs to be better represented in the public eye. The idea is also not entirely new so POE also faces quite a few competitors.

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