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NULS is a token on a blockchain platform with a modular architecture structure. It offers microservices as business solutions for developers.

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What Is NULS?

NULS is a token on a blockchain platform with a modular architecture structure. It offers microservices as business solutions for developers and allows them to easily configure the modules and the performance of the subchains to fit any needs. NULS uses a new Proof of Credit (PoC) consensus system for validating transactions and governing changes to the main public blockchain. Users can lock their coins into the blockchain to gain control over future developments of the main public blockchain.

The main feature of the site is a unique offer for the business, which provides an opportunity to implement blockchain integration into the activities of an enterprise. The project team has developed a flexible customized structure that allows you to customize applications and programs for the specific needs of a particular enterprise or company. The decentralized nature of NULS will eliminate distrust in the use of technology and will allow users to customize the chain based on their needs. The NULS team has focused all its efforts on creating a project that not only solves real-world problems but also simplifies the developer's activities. As a result, the customizability of modules in accordance with needs promotes innovation and does not limit the range of possibilities.

The NULS token’s main use-cases are payments of support for the operation of applications based on NULS technologies, payments for the applications themselves, implementation of one of the tools for exchanging digital assets of sub-chains, support of the project development process, miners' reward, and a means of payment for transactions.

Pros and Cons of NULS

Advantages of NULS

NULS simplifies blockchain and the technical barriers that come with it. It significantly reduces the cost of development. On a bigger picture, it aims to promote the usage of blockchain technology in the commercial field. The project team, based in California, China, and partly in Europe, consists of dozens of specialists who have a large stock of knowledge and experience in the cryptosphere. Many of them are focused on specific regions of the globe, which guarantees success in various regions that have their own social, economic, political, and legal characteristics. The token has already begun to be used in the comprehensive promotion of the project's ecosystem. NULS has an extensive list of partners and is featured on a number of exchanges. The website also features its ample media coverage. NULS currently holds a position within the top-200 cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of NULS

The NULS token might not be for everyone, especially a regular user or a small trader. Since it is mostly aimed at developers and serves a specific purpose, NULS raises questions whether it’s worth considering ordinary users’ attention.

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