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What Is Metal?

Metal coin is the native cryptocurrency of Metal ecosystem, specializing in decentralized banking and payments akin to Paypal and Venmo with fiat money. It aims to become a comprehensive means of payment, as opposed to traditional money. MTL is used within the platform for instant and feeless transactions. The system encourages loyal holders and users can get MTL coins for just using the platform like converting fiat to Metal. MTL, being an ERC20 token, is supported by countless exchanges and wallets. It also uses the innovative Proof of Processed Payments consensus mechanism to distribute the tokens, developed specifically for MTL. Both the receiver and the sender get 5% of MTL back after any transaction. The platform also has a fraud prevention feature which eliminates any suspicious activity.

Pros and Cons of Metal

Advantages of Metal crypto

The MTL crypto has gained lots of attention and popularity since its inception. Metal is a revolutionary project that definitely deserves its position within the top-400 list of all cryptocurrencies. The developing team also consists of well-versed professionals previously working in companies like American Express, Apple, and Visa. There are ambitious goals set for the coin, the main one being to integrate Metal crypto in existing offline banking systems all over the world. The platform is easy to use since no extensive knowledge is required to operate the platform.

Disadvantages of Metal crypto

While the idea of integrating Metal crypto into the traditional banking systems sounds exciting there are legal implications that come with it. The process might take a long time and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies are different in every country. There also should be an incentive for users to utilize MTL rather than sell it right away. While Metal crypto is definitely a trailblazer in its field it also has well-established competitors like AliPay, Venmo, and Paypal.

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