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What Is Mirror Protocol?

MIR is a governance token facilitating the usage and development of Mirror Protocol – a DeFi project which allows the users to mint and trade synthetic assets tracking the real-world asset prices. This project was developed by Terraform Labs, which previously built the Terra blockchain and issued the stablecoin UST and the native token LUNA. Mirror Protocol was launched in late 2020 on the same blockchain. 

The point of Mirror Protocol is to allow people to gain exposure to the real assets’ prices without the need to buy and sell those assets themselves. This is achieved by issuing their mirrors – mAssets, which live on-chain, track real assets’ prices, and are backed by collateral at minting. Using blockchain technology to manage these assets makes them more accessible for people than many other financial instruments, like some of the traditional derivatives – for example, blockchain provides a fast and easy way of trading fractional shares.

MIR tokens are used mostly for governance purposes via staking. However, in the Mirror Protocol V2, which was recently rolled out, MIR appeared as one of the new collateral options for minting mAssets (previously only UST was accepted). Several other new features were added in this version, such as the support of pre-IPO Assets, “Mint/Short" LP Token, and some governance issue fixes.

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