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What Is Mainframe?

Mainframe is a decentralized messaging protocol designed to help combat censorship while increasing the privacy of individuals and groups. Its native token, MFT, is an ERC20 token compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. Mainframe aims to create the necessary infrastructure for the new Internet, with a particular focus on the development of private, peer-to-peer, censorship-resistant applications, and communications.

The Mainframe platform uses a network of nodes to relay and route data packets over the network. Nodes are stimulated by tokens, which are Mainframe's own cryptocurrency. MFT is used to reward nodes that keep the network running. Nodes are rewarded with some MFTs for relaying packet data in a timely and efficient manner, delivering packet data from sender to receiver, and providing a reliable decentralized data store. In addition, MFT can also be used as an exchange asset on marketplaces (where goods and services are bought and sold) on the Mainframe platform. 

Pros and Cons of Mainframe

Advantages of Mainframe

Since its inception, Mainframe has had numerous communities supporting its mission of economic freedom and access to financial resources. Mainframe is backed by companies such as ArringtonXRP, NEO Global Capital, FBG, Shapeshift's Eric Voorhees, ICON's Min Kim, Ethereum's Gavin Wood, and Zilliqa's Sinshu Dong. The decentralized and distributed architecture of Mainframe, eliminates the threat of data leaks and negates any risk of service interruption. There is an urgent need for what Mainframe has to offer, and in the future, the user will value privacy and censorship-resistance even more. Another added benefit is the path to better scalability for the platform. Mainframe’s service levels were designed to internally support the development of fully decentralized applications. The system has redundant chunks of data spread across multiple nodes that ensure high network stability. Following the success of the platform, MFT currently holds a place among the top-400 cryptocurrencies, also being affordable for a regular buyer. 

Disadvantages of Mainframe

MFT has a low return on investment which seems to be the case with many coins that have existed for a while. The most important factor in Mainframe's success is how quickly the platform can attract users to switch from the already existing and popular messaging applications. If Mainframe continues to do well, there could be the potential of dominating the field. However, the idea of ​​creating a communication platform is not new, especially in the world where Tor or Telegram exist, so it may seem somewhat doomed. 

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