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What Is Global Social Chain?

Global Social Chain (GSC) is an ERC-20 utility token that serves as a currency in the Global Social Chain ecosystem. The platform is the world's first new generation of a global social network, involving hundreds of millions of users. It is a project that intends to use blockchain technology to undermine centralized social networks such as Facebook and WeChat which simultaneously play the role of "managers" and "arbiters" for former social network platforms.

GSC, as a utility token on this Ethereum-based social network platform, supports and gives access to a list of services open to third parties, such as e-commerce, social networks, games, and so on. It also maintains the gift network, as well as rewards and copyright systems. 

Pros and Cons of Global Social Chain

Advantages of Global Social Chain

GSC is a rare blockchain project of its kind that is backed by more than 200 million global users and rich application scenes. GSC has a professional team of more than 100 people fairly confident that the prospects for the project are limitless. GSC also provides complete digital asset issuance and blockchain solutions for developers. There’s a bounty feature on the platform where users can complete tasks, for example, translate articles into less common languages like Japanese and get GSC for it. Such features help the users contribute to the platform and get rewarded for their work. The project has a thorough wiki that answers all the questions.

Disadvantages of Global Social Chain

GSC is currently placed within the top-1000 cryptocurrencies which means the risk of getting unnoticed or disappearing among thousands of other cryptocurrencies. The website shows plans for Q3 2019 while it’s the end of 2020 which leads us to a conclusion that it is underdeveloped if not abandoned. GSC also has low ROI and is traded on only 3 exchanges: Huobi Global, Korea, and Indodax.

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