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What Is The Graph?

The Graph (GRT) is an ERC-20 utility token on The Graph Network, which is the indexing service for the blockchain (starting with Ethereum) and IPFS. This project was launched in 2020 by a team with some serious technical background and has already been called “Google for blockchain”. 

Blockchain is, at its core, a database. However, for all its advantages over most of the traditional databases – like immutability and decentralization – it lacks one of their most important features: the way to easily and quickly retrieve the data stored inside. This is especially glaring if a query requires a combination of methods. Enter The Graph – a decentralized protocol that solves this problem by utilizing the subgraphs – a kind of an open API that can be created by any developer to retrieve the data needed for their dApp. The Graph Nodes then process, index, store, and serve this data back to the users.

There are three types of roles in the network, besides developers: Indexers, who index subgraphs; Delegators, who delegate their coins to Indexers; and Curators, who signal which subgraph should be indexed. All of them must stake their GRT tokens to secure the network. GRT also acts as a reward currency.

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